3 Reasons Your First Time on a Massage Chair May Hurt

3 Reasons Your First Time on a Massage Chair May Hurt
3 Reasons Your First Time on a Massage Chair May Hurt

3 Reasons Your First Time on a Massage Chair May Hurt : Using a massage chair for the very first time is often uncomfortable and painful. Well, there is no need to worry about anything if you have recently purchased a massage chair and experienced this uncomfortable feeling.

There is also no need to doubt the quality and performance of your massage chair because it’s a pretty common problem that everyone has to experience in the first few sessions. Learn More

Remember, the mobility of our muscles is involved while using a massage chair, that’s why they may become sore for the first time. However; there are some other causes as well that might hurt your body after using a massage chair. In this article, we will try our utmost to discuss some of the common causes that may be responsible for the pain you are experiencing after your first time on a massage chair.

  1. You Haven’t Developed a Habit

    One of the most common reasons behind sudden pain or soreness after sitting on a massage chair is your muscular strength and habits. If your body is not used to getting on a massage chair, your body will surely show its counter-reaction in the form of pains or muscle soreness. However; there is no need to worry because after a few sessions your body will become habitual of it and you will start to experience relaxation and comfort.

  2. Dehydration

    Dehydration is never a good sign because it causes many other medical problems too. However; it can also trigger pains in your entire body due to the build-up of toxins. Remember, whenever we drink the recommended amount of water, our body flushes several harmful toxins in urine to keep everything fresh and clean inside. Dehydration can disrupt this activity, and it can create more problems in your first massage session as there will be not enough water for the toxins to move out from the body completely. The build-up of these harmful toxins may irritate your body muscles resulting in severe pains.

  3. You Haven’t Warm Up Your Muscles

    Another most common cause of sudden pain after sitting on a massage chair is a lack of warm up activity before using a massage chair. Remember, doing any exercise requires a pre warm-up activity as our muscles are tied up in knots and they need to be flexible to handle the effect of sudden physical activity. Similarly, if you are experiencing sharp pain in your body with a first-time massage session in your massage chair, then you should try any warm-up activity or exercise a few minutes before sitting on a massage chair.


If the pain in your body is not getting better even after 2 3 massage sessions on a massage chair, then it’s a clear indicator that you are suffering from muscle weakness. Instead of forcing your body again and again for a massage therapy session, you should also take some multivitamin supplements after consulting your doctor to strengthen your muscles.







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3 Reasons Your First Time on a Massage Chair May Hurt

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