3 Tips for Ensuring That People Will Keep Returning to Your Pharmacy

3 Tips for Ensuring That People Will Keep Returning to Your Pharmacy : Pharmacies can attract new customers with clever marketing or promotional deals, but there’s only one way to keep those customers coming back. If they want their customers to continue returning to their stores, pharmacy owners need to deliver exceptional customer service. Read on to find out about three tips for doing just that.

Take Advantage of Technological Innovations

Those who have been running pharmacies for at least a few decades have likely noticed the impressive rate at which modern technologies aimed at business owners and consumers alike have been progressing. Just a few decades ago, most households and even businesses didn’t even have the Internet and today most Americans carry portable, wifi capable devices with them everywhere they go. It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends, but pharmacy owners can’t afford to fall behind.

From upgrading the company’s point-of-sale software to investing in a Pharmacy Robotic Dispensing System, taking advantage of technological changes can give even small, family-operated pharmacy owners an edge over their competitors by providing a more convenient shopping experience. Money invested in technological solutions that improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times is almost always well spent.

Listen to Customers

Take the time to listen to every customer who walks through the door. It doesn’t matter whether customers are asking about their prescriptions or just want to make small talk. Listening to them and giving them the time to speak before moving forward with the transaction is the best way to show customers they’re valued and keep them coming back.

Find it frustrating answering the same questions over and over or taking time to explain things to confuse customers? Remember that dealing with illnesses and injuries requiring pharmaceutical interventions is stressful and that it’s important for every patient to understand his or her medications. Try to exercise patience, let the customer speak first, and practice listening to provide a level of service that will keep customers coming back.

Show Appreciation

Show repeat customers that the company appreciates their business. Pharmacies don’t have to give their customers expensive gifts to make them feel good about patronizing a local business. Offering a rewards program and making a point of thanking their customers as they leave the store is generally enough.

Want to go the extra mile and make sure that customers continue to feel appreciated? Consider sending out birthday cards, or get a little more creative and send a card on the anniversary of their first purchases at the store. These small steps cost little to implement, and they can go a long way toward increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates.


Keeping customers coming back to the same pharmacy for their prescriptions is primarily a matter of providing excellent service, making their shopping experience as convenient as possible, and showing them they are valued. It’s worth investing extra money in new technologies if they will reduce pharmacists’ workloads and offer a convenient solution to customers, as this will free up more time for them to talk to customers and form genuine connections with them.

Most of the best ways for pharmacists to show customers that they value their business cost little, though. Taking the time to listen to them is free and setting up medication reminders or sending the occasional card doesn’t cost very much. These investments of time and money will pay off in the long run.





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3 Tips for Ensuring That People Will Keep Returning to Your Pharmacy

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