3 Weight Loss Barriers And How To Overcome Them

3 Weight Loss Barriers And How To Overcome Them : Losing excess weight can be pretty helpful. It may help you increase your energy levels, improve your self-esteem, and reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and several other illnesses. Even though beneficial, losing weight might not be as easy as it may seem, especially for you as a woman.

This may be so because females’ reproductive hormones might make it challenging to control their appetite. Also, women might experience more cravings, and their bodies might take longer to digest food than males. These are a few factors that may make a female’s weight loss journey challenging. Besides that, there’s a lot of misleading information online on losing weight. The best thing to consider is consulting a doctor or dietitian. They could offer you weight loss tips for women you may not be aware of. Additionally, they may provide the best measures for efficient weight reduction.

Having said all that, it doesn’t mean losing excess weight is impossible for you as a woman. It means that you may need to have more drive and put on more effort.

Factors That Curb Weight Loss Efforts And What To Do

Even with so much drive and effort in losing weight, some factors may make it challenging to reach your goals. You aren’t alone if it’s difficult to attain a particular weight target. Several other women may be experiencing the same issue as well. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the common barriers many other females may be experiencing and ways to overcome them.

Factors That Curb Weight Loss Efforts And What To Do
Factors That Curb Weight Loss Efforts And What To Do

These may be:

  1. Lack Of Enough Time

    There are several ways to lose weight. However, natural methods, such as exercising and eating healthy meals, may be more recommendable. That said, as a woman, lack of enough time for working out or cooking a healthy meal may be a hindrance to losing weight. This might be because you have several duties in a day. You may have to work, take care of your family, or handle several personal projects.

    Fortunately, there are several things you could do to counter this issue. For instance, if you don’t have enough time for physical activities, get up a few minutes earlier than your usual time and do some exercises. Also, if you have breaks in between the day, consider using them for workouts or short walks. Ensure you’re doing physical activities every day, no matter how minimal. This could be more beneficial than nothing at all.

    If you have less or no time to cook healthy food every day, consider finding time to prep your week’s meals. Start with identifying how much you’d need. After that, get your meat ready, cut your vegetables, transfer all the prepared food into containers, and store everything appropriately. Doing so might save you so much time every evening. You’ll only have to get your meal as you kept it and enjoy healthy food. If you have to cook anything, it’ll take you less time. In the end, you could even have more time to exercise.

  2. Boredom

    Another barrier to weight loss is boredom. This is often associated with physical activities. Repeating the same types of exercises might be uninspiring, especially if you’re working out alone. To prevent this, try different kinds of physical activities every day. This way, you could be excited to learn something new each time. However, even as you do so, ensure these are exercises you enjoy because such will keep you interested in working out.

    Exercising with another person or a group could also help you curb boredom. Therefore, if there’s a family member, friend, or neighbor looking to lose weight too through exercising, consider joining them in their workouts. This way, you’ll have an accountability partner to encourage you. If you can’t find any person around you with the same aim, consider joining a fitness center or forming a women’s home workout group in your neighborhood.

  3. Stress

    Stress is also another major weight loss hindrance to many women. This could be caused by family matters, a busy schedule, work issues, and several other factors. Stress may be a barrier to weight loss for several reasons, which include the following:

      • It could cause the release of a stress hormone known as cortisol. If your body has high amounts of this substance, it becomes hard to reduce weight because the component raises your appetite, which means you’ll be eating more when stressed.
      • It could cause emotional eating, whereby you crave unhealthy foods high in sugar and fat. This often leads to weight gain.
      • It may also reduce your energy, lowering your interest in exercising.
      • It may cause insomnia, promoting the production of a hunger hormone called ghrelin. As a result, when you can’t sleep, you may feel the urge to eat a night, even when you don’t need to.

    There are many things you could do to manage stress. For instance, you could consider journaling, meditation, exercising, breathing techniques, yoga, listening to relaxing music, or going for a massage. Consider practicing at least one of these recommendations every day. Doing so could help you maintain a good frame of mind to keep pushing to achieve your weight reduction goal.


enough time to exercises
enough time to exercises

Losing weight can be quite beneficial to your health and general wellbeing. However, it might not be an easy task. Several hindrances might make it challenging for you to reduce excess weight. These may be a lack of enough time to exercises or cook a healthy meal, workout boredom, or stress. If any of the mentioned barriers affect you, you aren’t alone. Many other women may be going through the same.

This article provides some countermeasures that could be helpful to overcome such hindrances. Consider implementing them because they could help you attain your weight loss goal.





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3 Weight Loss Barriers And How To Overcome Them

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