Can’t Lose Excess Weight? Here’s Why You’re Struggling

Can't Lose Excess Weight? Here's Why You're Struggling
Can't Lose Excess Weight? Here's Why You're Struggling

Can’t Lose Excess Weight? Here’s Why You’re Struggling : Diet plan? Check. Regular Workout? Check. Eating enough fiber that your body needs to lose weight? You got it. Then what is the reason you are still afraid to get on that weighing scale? Even after sweating your heart out in the gym, those pounds keep clinging on.

Have you ever pondered on the thought why even after giving your 100 percent, you are still not satisfied with the results? If you are dealing with weight loss, you have to get one thing right to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. As easy as it may sound, it’s not the same.

According to health experts, it’s not about finding time to do exercise or finding the right weight loss supplements or choosing healthy food over that burger. It’s all about making a long term commitment to lead a healthy life.

If you only want to lose weight to look in a certain way, trust us losing those extra pounds will become a challenging task.  It takes time to lose weight, and you need to motivate yourself throughout the weight loss journey. One way to lose weight is to find more and more reasons to be healthy. Before you start your weight loss journey, have a look at some of the factors that prevent you from getting in shape.

  • Are you drinking enough water?

    We know how important water is when you want to shed those extra pounds. But, do we follow this statement. Water plays an essential role in reducing weight by suppressing your appetite. More water means you will have less space in your stomach for those cheesy fries. The scientific reason for the role of water in weight loss is quite interesting. If you are dehydrated, kidneys will turn to the liver for additional support. As a result of extra pressure on the liver, your body stores more fat than it burns. So, next time you go for a strenuous workout, carry your water bottle.

  • Don’t skimp on protein:

    According to many studies, a high protein diet helps in losing more pounds, at least in the beginning. The reason being, protein gives a feeling of fullness and prevents muscle loss. But, the question is how much protein your body needs. The answer depends on your weight and gender. If you are not a chicken lover or are a vegan, there are many supplements out there that can be a good source of protein.

  • You are not doing the right exercise:

    Are you stuck in a weight-loss plateau for a long time? Do you often ask the question to your trainer why even after working hard, you don’t get the desired results? If so, you need to check your exercise programming. Instead of lifting weights every day or running on that treadmill, its time to bring a little twist in your fitness routine. Whether you want to lose extra weight or increase your endurance, you need to switch up your programming ever few weeks. A switch is a secret to faster weight loss. Also, you can supplement your exercise with weight loss supplements to lose weight faster.

  • You don’t keep track of your food:

    Are you 100 % honest with what you are eating? To lose weight, you must follow a stringent diet plan. We are not saying to stop eating at all, but whatever you eat, keep track of it. You can make use of the calorie tracking app to make sure you are taking the right amount of calories. You can also make use of the food scale. Measure food by weight instead of volume if you want to lose weight. Bid farewell to the tendency of adding one more teaspoon of sugar or adding a layer of cheese in pasta, if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Stressing out can also be a reason:

    Do you tend to eat a lot when under stress? Well, you are not alone; we all are on the same page. The stress hormone triggers appetite stimulants in the body and increases the production of a brain chemical that increases the craving for carbohydrates. So, there is science behind the reason why you eat more when under stress. To lose weight, go for mediation to relax your mind and body.

If you are not losing weight, you may find the reason in the above-listed points. To get the well-toned body, supplement your weight loss journey with weight loss supplements. But, before taking them, you need to take proper consultation from your trainer.

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Can’t Lose Excess Weight? Here’s Why You’re Struggling

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