10 Tips To Impress Guys At The Gym

10 Tips To Impress Guys At The Gym
10 Tips To Impress Guys At The Gym

10 Tips To Impress Guys At The Gym : Gym flirting is good. That, we knew. But perhaps what has escaped you is that it is possible to link practicing it. Yes, as you hear it, there are people who, still sweating through each of the pores of their body, with a red face like a tomato after running (three) minutes, get to know the man of their dreams.

However, there are those who say that all these are myths and that, in the gym, you would only be able to link if your outfit looked more like a sports outfit in the style of Kardashian girls, the comfortable and elastic women bottom tights and a basic white color T-shirt. If you are one of those who follow this theory, calm, that all is not lost. That boy who seems to have been born with weights in the crib instead of a rattle, the muscular man on the elliptical on your left that you only look sideways in the gym and even the room monitor can fall into your nets same summer

You just have to keep these tips in mind… and live your summer romance!

  1. Old shirts stay at home

    Yes, nothing to reuse those long and comfortable t-shirts that your aunt brought you on your eighteenth birthday when you returned from your trip to Cuba. They are super cute, they have great cotton (yes, your mother has sneaked it) and with them, you feel at home. But how long have you not gone around the sportswear section of a mall? Forget those basic t-shirts at the bottom of your closet and, instead, wear multicolored tops, tight shirts (yes, look to let them perspire well) and other cuckoo styles to go to the gym.

  2. Vampire makeup is not your friend

    No, sweating is not a good friend of smoky eyes or makeup that is not waterproof. Because the end of the face as if you had left the movie of Alex of the Ballad Church sad of the trumpet, nothing cool. Therefore, use a simple, discreet makeup that does not have much dusting (the pink color, sure to be provided by the warmth of your body when doing sports).

  3. Pole dance, better for privacy

    Unless you are an expert in the dance, you better not show your weapons until you have everything under control. It is possible that your spontaneity is what drives the boy you are looking crazy (sorry, we have not yet managed to analyze what happens inside their heads) to the millimeter, but, in case the flies, nothing to come up when in the gym sound the song that the weekend you danced like crazy with your friends on the disc. You would not be the first, nor the last, to go from being the queen of pallets to being the queen of blows (face to face) with the ground.

  4. Be careful how you break the ice

    Ok, if you’re a girl, you have much more cattle than they do. The boys are the ones that exhibit their little muscles in front of you and think that they have everything they have earned. But no, you have to break the ice with a funny comment, or that has to do with the sport you are practicing, to get his attention (if you have not already done so with that great body that you bought this weekend). Things like a great guy like you do in a place like this is not something you should use since the answer may be the most obvious. Note, ask for help with a machine whose damsel in distress never fails.

  5. Beware of (excess) screaming

    Ok, it depends on the type of guy, maybe even this is not bad at all. But, just in case: it is forbidden to shout in gym with every effort as if you were a tennis player, cry with each one of the ups and downs of the step or show the world how much you can yell at your spinning teacher when he makes you climb (a little else) the load of your exercise bike when, according to him, you are about to reach the top of the mountain you are trying to climb.

  6. You (yes, you) are the most beautiful

    Nothing to share with that goddess of the gym that lifts the weights of 20 pounds as if they were packages of bread. Nothing to look with envy at the girl that the top feels better than the shells that exerted the top of the bikini to the Little Mermaid Disney. You also have your good things and you have to let the world know. Optimism has to be your best ally and, that, make it notice when you approach that boy for whom you die of love in the gym. Everything will be much better that way.

  7. Nothing to invent things

    We confess we meet a friend of a friend who, once in the gym, said that she, from a very young age, practiced yoga at home. And, to impress that Brazilian gym teacher, he endured hours and hours without having prepared before in a session of Bikram yoga (or hot yoga), a variant of this exercise but practiced in rooms that are above 30 degrees. Since then, not only did he not impress and be linked to the teacher (that of starting to cry imploring that they let her leave within ten minutes of starting the class something had to do) but we have not seen her again in the gym.

  8. Determine if a person is open for dating

    There are people who go to the gym for a specific purpose and do not seek to get to know anyone. They usually do things aside, insert headphones into their ears and thereby show that they do not want to be disturbed. Therefore, if you decide to meet such a lone wolf, most likely he will refuse you. Target more open and sociable guys.

  9. Resort to tricks

    You can ask the guy you like to ensure you or show you how to do this or that exercise, how to handle the simulator. Guys willingly make contact and love to help girls. Some advise specifically to do the exercise incorrectly next to a man who liked him to notice and show how to do the exercise. But I would not recommend this method. The technique of exercises is important: if you do something wrong, there is a risk of injury, and then you will have to forget about dates.

  10. Take care of the look

    If you aim to impress a man, choose beautiful and clean sports outfits that accentuate your figure. Do not go to the gym with a dirty head. Of course, you do not need to apply a lot of makeup. Look well-groomed and do not forget to use an antiperspirant. Here’s more on the art of gym seduction.


If a guy helped you, gave tips and tricks, and you started a conversation if he periodically peeps at you, smiles, you can go to the next stage – invite him to go somewhere after a workout.






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10 Tips To Impress Guys At The Gym

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