Importance Of Workout Clothes During Exercise

Importance Of Workout Clothes During Exercise: There are numerous health benefits of exercise; from maintaining our physical and mental well being to even helping us live longer. And in order to fully reap the benefits from any workout session, it is important that you wear the right clothes – which means goodbye to ragged old T-shirts and worn out shorts.

Essentially, what you wear affects your workout. This is because the right fabric with the right fit will make you feel more comfortable, prevent overheating, and enhance performance levels during a workout session. This ultimately translates into an enjoyable and improved workout where you stay motivated, confident and encouraged.

Read on below to find out the benefits of activewear on your workout performance and productivity. Afterall, you are dressing for success!


Comfort is key. This means that you should avoid wearing anything that could irritate or potentially chafe the skin. This can happen when you sweat and your skin rubs against itself or your clothing material, which can cause rashes, uneasiness and discomfort.

Essentially, you should opt for high performance activewear that gives you a good fit for the exercise you wish to perform. For example, spandex are ideal for those who perform yoga or pilates, or any other exercise that requires a lot of movement and stretching.

Importantly, steer clear of wearing very loose or very tight workout clothes. This is because loose clothes can inhibit free movement and motion or even get caught in machines. On the other hand, tight clothes can make you feel restricted and uneasy, result in tightness in the muscles during exercise, and may cause sprains or muscle pulls.

This is why we highly recommended that you try out workout clothes before buying them. Once you get a feel of the clothes, and perform a few of your regular exercise moves to assess its comfortability, only then should you invest in them.

And remember, when you feel comfortable in your workout clothes, you will focus on your exercise and boost your workout performance and productivity. You must visit Iron Savage Apparel if you’re looking for premium fitness-based apparel.

Movement and Support

When investing in activewear, always remember that you need to be able to move freely and effortlessly as your clothes provide the adequate support for different parts of the body.

First off, make sure you wear a good sports bra. Exercising inevitably involves movement, which means that your boobs need support or else you’ll experience easily avoidable pain and discomfort both during and post workout. We recommend trying out a few renowned brands before settling on a sports bra that feels good and comfortable.

With regard to movement, certain activewear materials, such as spandex or Lycra and nylon provide fantastic stretch, which means that they are ideal for those looking for freedom of movement during their exercise.

So whether you are in search for the best workout tops for women or the ideal leggings or shorts, keep in mind that you need your workout clothes to give you the right support for enhanced movement in order to achieve an ideal comfort level for an intensive workout session.

Wicking and Breathability

Most people struggle with the problem of sweat and overheating, and this is where activewear with sweat-wicking ability comes in.

Activewear fabric has been specifically designed with the ability to draw sweat away from the body so that it can evaporate from the fabric surface. This helps in regulating body temperature during workout, keeps the body cool and prevents the growth of bacteria. The end result is that you feel fresh, dry and odour free during your workout session. All these are major contributors to boosting your ego and confidence in carrying on with an intense exercise session.

Fabrics that have wicking ability are, in fact, breathable, in that they allow for sweat and moisture to be pulled away from the body during workout. In order to purchase workout clothes with such abilities, you need to be mindful that the label highlights Dri-fit, Supplex or Coolmax.

Certain workout clothes, such as those made from wool, polyester, polypropylene and bamboo, are moisture wicking, breathable and excellent performance fabrics. Wool is particularly great in winters, because it keeps you warm while retaining its odour free and breathable properties. Bamboo, on the other hand, is great for keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Generally, try avoiding cotton as your workout attire. This is because cotton tends to absorb perspiration without drying as quickly. It can also pull in a lot of odor which tends to stick to the fabric. Another disadvantage is that it can make you feel cool during winter and may not dry out quickly during the summer season.

So next time you hit the store, lookout for breathable materials with wicking abilities to improve your workout session.

Compression Sportswear

Technological advancements in activewear have been beneficial for creating compression sportswear.

In essence, compression wear helps to support muscles and secures them in place for improved blood circulation and better performance. This works by reducing the amount of lactic acid that builds up during any exercise session, which, in turn, results in reduced muscle soreness, tiredness and fatigue post workout.

Some reports even claim that compression wear has effectively aided in post workout recovery by minimizing damage to muscles and preventing sudden movements from causing injury during a workout session. All of this is possible because compression activewear effectively provides pressure and support to muscles in specific areas that require blood flow.

Therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate solution to your activewear problem, compression sportswear might just be the choice for you.

Protection and Layering

Certain people prefer to run or jog during the early hours or late at night. For this, it is ideal if they stick to high visibility workout attire in order to remain visible to drivers and motorcyclists to avoid any accidents. Such activewear is made to be reflective, so that it can be spotted from a distance.

But that is not the only protection you need: in fact, if you exercise regularly, you should be aware of the season and weather conditions and changes, and dress appropriately for each occasion.

During summers, it is recommended that you wear light colored workout clothes to reflect sun rays and prevent heat from being absorbed. Make sure that your activewear is breathable, moisture-wicking and lightweight. Additionally, investing in performance fabrics with a sun protection factor may be beneficial.

In the cold months, it is best to layer up. Be careful to wear a moisture-wicking fabric underneath and layer up with a fleece or jacket that provides sufficient ventilation. This is important because any exercise session will inevitably heat up the body, so it is best to wear layers in case they need to be removed.

Incase of rain or wind, be sure to layer up with fabrics such as Gore-Tex that allow for water-proof and wind-proof yet breathable properties. You can also choose to wear a water-resistant and/or wind-proof jacket to protect yourself.


In conclusion, we recommend that investing in active wear and performance clothing can allow you to reach your true potential during any workout session. Remember to never toss them in the drier otherwise they can lose their elasticity and stretch.

These clothes tend to be durable and last a long time. So even if they are a bit expensive, they will go a long way.






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Importance Of Workout Clothes During Exercise

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