How to film yourself working out in a Gym?

How to film yourself working out? Let me begin by discussing why you should know how to video record yourself in the gym working out. There are many reasons, so I’ll start with the obvious. Firstly, the chances are that you want to start a fitness YouTube channel. Secondly, you want to record your performance so you can analyze it to make improvements.

For some people, technique and form are everything. During the workout session on exercise bike, you might think that you’re performing the exercises in the right manner. But what if that’s not the case? What if you’re doing it all wrong? How are you going to ever find out?

The answer is simple, isn’t it? All you need to do is learn How to film yourself working out in a gym. And it doesn’t matter if this is not your reason. The goal is to get the job done. So that’s what we’re going to discuss in the article. Time to get started!

How to film yourself working out in the Gym?


1. Get proper equipment

When talking about video recording, what comes to mind first? A good camera for YouTube, am I right? In that case, you also need a tripod and USB camcorder. But if you’re using a smartphone, you might not require the tripod and camcorder.

I would also like to add that buying a high-quality USB camcorder or tripod is not a difficult task anymore. There are many reliable options available on the market. And these products just the make the whole process of creating videos easier. So it’s never a bad idea to spend on such equipment.


2. Write a script

Recording yourself at the gym to create a video for your YouTube channel demands a script. Your viewers will be watching the video for a particular reason. It’s because they want to expose themselves to information. And the only way to provide that is by adding a voice to your image.

And there’s no need to try too hard to sound smart or funny. Just be yourself and convey the message. Use short and descriptive sentences to avoid coming off as dull and boring. You can read the whole script aloud to yourself a few times before recording it. Get into the shoes of your viewers and make sure that it seems right to you.


3. Pick a suitable spot for shooting

Now it’s time to figure out where you’re going to record yourself working out. Even though gyms are a crowded place, you still manage to find some empty space for the job. But please ensure that the spot you pick has good lighting.

When it comes to videos, lighting can either make or break the content. It means that lighting has the ability to either add a professional or an amateurish look to your videos.

Here’s an example:


But if you want the process to be comparatively easier, then it’s best to shoot outdoors. Nothing is better than natural light!


4. Check the equipment

Before you begin shooting, make sure that all your equipment is working properly. And by that, I mean charging your camera. Imagine exhausting the battery in the middle of an intense workout session. It can be pretty annoying!

Other important things to check are the tripod and the angle of the camera. In here, I would also like to add that recording videos takes time. So don’t try to complete the task in a hurry. Make sure that you have enough time to invest in the creation of your videos.


5. Shoot the video

You can opt for one of two approaches during filming. The first is to record the video and do the audio separately. Or record the video and audio together. Depending on your budget and/or personal preferences, pick any one of the two.

During the time of shooting, keep in mind that you need to go slower than your normal self. This gives viewers enough time to understand and grasp your every move. So focus on each step without performing unnecessary actions or straying from the script.

Here’s an example:


6. Edit the video

If you want to know how to film workouts, keep editing in mind. And as far as editing goes, all that you need to work on is continuity. Cut off the end and beginning when you had to stop and start the recording.

Apart from that, you can make use any free video editing software to customize your content.


7. Record the audio

Do you prefer recording the video and audio separately? If yes, then after the video is in place, it’s time to work on the audio. This is where your script comes into the picture. The best way to go about it is to memorize the whole thing. There’s a lot of difference between that and reading the lines.

It’s important to nail the voiceover if you want your content to make a powerful impact. Keep your tone natural and clear while also stressing on matters that require extra attention.

And lastly, please make sure that you’re recording the audio in a silent room without any background noise.


8. Test the video

Don’t be in a hurry to upload the video right away. Any normal person would test the footage before making it public. And do you know what’s better than that? Having a friend or fellow fitness enthusiast look at it!

This way you can even work a little more on the video depending on the feedback.


Bottom Line

More often than not, we don’t mistakes when it comes to working out. But sometimes, our form and technique can be slightly off. And the only way to figure that out is by watching yourself perform the workout. This is how you realize your mistakes and can work towards correcting them.

So now, do you know how to video record yourself in the gym working out? If you already have some experience in this area, you can share some expert tips with us. The comments section is right below.

Thank you for reading the post and I hope you come back for more!



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How to film yourself working out?

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