6 Fun Ways to Stay in Shape Over Winter

6 Fun Ways to Stay in Shape Over Winter : The winter months are fast approaching, but this doesn’t mean you should kill your workout regime. It’s time to break out the creativity to keep your heart pumping and beat the winter spread that creeps in from all that holiday food and reduced activity. Here are six ideas you can try out to stay in shape over winter:

Try a New Class

Check out what exciting activities are on offer in your area. Interested in Zumba? How about trying some Krav Maga classes? With not much activity taking place outside, you now have more time to explore other methods of exercising that you might not otherwise consider during the summer months.



Every aspect of our life can be enhanced with an app, and exercise is no exception. App users are reportedly more likely to work out in their leisure time than those who don’t incorporate apps into their routine. A good list of ideas is available here. If you don’t like an app, delete it and find another one that works for you. These helpful reminders and plans can alleviate the winter blues.


Work Out at Home

No money for a gym membership? Working out at home is a convenient way to remain in shape during the colder season. Even with just a few minutes here and there, you can easily integrate some simple activities that you can do around the house. No equipment? There is a multitude of exercises that you can do with nothing but your body or things lying around.



Did you know that activities such as ballroom or Latin dancing can be some of the best workouts you’ve ever had? No budget for dancing shoes and classes? Just turn up the music at home and get your body moving. Need something for inspiration? There are plenty of dance videos to buy, and many options freely found on sites like YouTube. The benefits of dancing include burning calories, increased flexibility, improved mood, and stress reduction. Plus, with a creative outlet like dance, you are less likely to grow bored and give up.


Winter Sport

Why try to beat the winter months by staying cooped up inside? Embrace the weather and stay active with a winter sport! Try picking up a board or a set of skis for a fun way to keep your body healthy. No hills but still a vast amount of snow in your area? Snowshoeing is a low-impact, fun, easy way to get in your cardio workout. All you need is the right set of shoes. Not a big fan of snow? How about ice? Ice skating can not only give you an outstanding aerobic routine, but it also improves joint health, balance, and endurance to name just a few. Check out what sports are available in your area and dive into the winter bliss.


Shovel Snow

Another way to start playing in the snow with nothing more than a tool is shoveling your walkway. Yeah, it may not be the most exciting option, but it is one physical activity that can get your heart pumping. If you aren’t a regularly active person, you want to keep in mind that there are risks to the chore such as strain or in rare instances, heart attacks. But if you are a physically fit individual, there are several activities you can do while shoveling snow that will keep you in shape.

Don’t let the lazy, sedentary lifestyle kill your workout program during lower temperatures. There is a vast array of activities you can do both inside and outside when the winter season arrives.






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6 Fun Ways to Stay in Shape Over Winter

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