Find out Why Ketogenic Diet for Women Is Healthy

Find out Why Ketogenic Diet for Women Is Healthy
Find out Why Ketogenic Diet for Women Is Healthy

Find out Why Ketogenic Diet for Women Is Healthy : Ketosis is a natural process that takes place in the body whenever fat is oxidized. The breakdown of fats takes place in the liver, and the resultant products are known as ketones. The body uses ketones as energy sources at the expense of glucose. You will always come across the term ketosis any time you will be looking for information about weight loss or diabetes. But what will you say ketosis is?

Well, ketosis refers to a state in which the body uses ketones entirely for energy production. For effective weight loss, the state of ketosis must be maintained. It is not hard to follow a ketogenic diet is not hard. However, it requires concerted efforts to remain in ketosis and lose weight as expected. Any adjustment in the proportion of the macronutrients consumed disturbs the state of ketosis.

As an effective weight loss strategy, a keto diet requires a high intake of healthy fats, moderate proteins, and low carbohydrates. Sometimes physicians see it necessary to put young children suffering from epilepsy in the state of ketosis. In fact, the keto diet was initially known to treat epilepsy. Its popularity in weight loss can be traced from the 1990s. While both men and women can benefit from the ketogenic diet, this blog focuses on women. We are going to illustrate why the ketogenic diet for women is healthy. Read to the end to find out how you can benefit more as a lady.

Do you think a ketogenic diet is the same for both men and women? There is a mixed reaction to this question. While both genders can gain the same health benefits, it may take women a little bit longer to start cutting weight compared to men. But what brings this difference? There are some obstacles that women have to overcome. Let us first see what makes it a little bit challenging for women to cut weight effectively and how they can benefit from ketosis.

Why Weight Loss Is Challenging For Women

If a man and a woman start the same weight loss program and stick to the same exercises and calorie targets, a man can possibly cut more weight. Also, weight loss is likely to be faster in the man compared to the woman. This is because there are so many stumbling blocks for women including;

Evolutionary makeup. Females are always in preparation for a possible pregnancy. Naturally, women have more than 10% of body fat and reduced muscle mass compared to men. Also, men have a higher rate of metabolism since they burn a lot of calories compared to fat. This is the reason why weight loss is easier for men than women.

Hormonal imbalance. In general, hormonal imbalance causes leads to irregular periods as well as insulin resistance and significant weight gain. This makes it challenging for them to stay away from the overweight range. According to studies, PCOS plagues more than 10% of women. Sadly, 70% of those affected are not even aware they are suffering from it.

Menopause causes accumulation of pounds, especially in the lower abdomen. Lower metabolism, combined with reducing levels of hormones leads to a condition called meno-pot. This problem is often referred to as menopause pot belly.

These are just some of the reasons why weight loss may be very challenging for you. However, this does not mean the ketogenic diet can’t work for you. In fact, there are so many health benefits you can gain from keto only if you do it the right way. Have a fruit list to can always use to supplement your diet.

What Keto Means for You

  • You can utilize the fat stores you have in a beneficial way. Once the body is accustomed to the use of fats for energy production, the fat cells will be recognized as sources of fuel. This means you can consume less calories, but at the same time, the body the frats stored to release energy.
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity. By lessening t6he levels of sugar and insulin in the bloodstream, it becomes possible to naturally resolve PCOS and insulin resistance which deters your weight loss.
  • Hormonal restoration. One of the main problems of having too many carbs and sugar in the body is a hormonal imbalance. A ketogenic diet can help you balance off the hormones in the bloodstream. This facilitates weight loss.
  • Impacts on fertility. Bodyweight and keto diet can significantly impact productivity. A menstrual cycle and efficient fertility are basically a luxury brought about by the body whenever it has all it takes to sustain itself. Whenever the body feels it is impossible for it to sustain itself, the hormones that stimulate fertility and menstrual cycle might be compromised. This is due to the fact that it will be impossible for it to nourish anything else if it cannot sustain itself. If you do not do keto the right way, you are likely to impact these hormones negatively.

The ketogenic diet has a lot of health benefits for women. However, going to low on carbs can have devastating impacts on the body. Extremely low carbs intake is not suitable for men. Do you think it can be appropriate? Remember significant changes in diet can have a lot of negative impacts on your health. The drastic change in the diet can turn the body into starvation mode. As a result, fat burning will be stopped since the body feels you are actually in famine. The hormones such as cortisol will deter weight loss. In fact, you may end up gaining significant weight. Adding a little bit more carbs to your diet will make the body feel everything is okay. Rather than accumulating fat, the process of weight loss will start again.


Weight loss in men is not the same as in women. It can be quite challenging for ladies to cut weight. We have discussed some of the reasons why this might be the case. However, the ketogenic diet for women has a lot of health benefits and is vital when it comes to weight loss. We have discussed some of the benefits that women can gain. Let us know what you think by commenting below, and we will get back to you instantly.





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Find out Why Ketogenic Diet for Women Is Healthy

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