5 Reasons Why You Are Getting Two Periods In One Month

5 Reasons Why You Are Getting Two Periods In One Month : During the code red days, a girl struggles and strives to battle against biological troubles. More often she will agonize, stay irritated, or groan with pain. The chances are that she might end up locking herself in a room and lay under warm blankets until the day seizes. Her fury may aggravate from time to time but she will try to keep herself composed.

After all, every girl in this world goes through the same phase for a maximum of seven days. We may call it by different names but the uterus wall definitely sheds once a month, sometimes even twice.

According to medical history getting your period twice a month is normal. Although certain factors need consideration. For example, age, weight, medical history, etc. But if you have troublesome bleeding perhaps consulting a gynecologist will help you overcome the problem. So, why do we girls bleed twice a month?

Is it possible to get two periods in a month?

A normal cycle comes after a period of 21 to 35 days. The cycle will vary from individual to individual. Now if your math is strong you will figure out why 40-60% of the girls have periods twice a month. Instead, it is normal to have periods twice until you have a serious issue. Like excessive bleeding, sudden change in the pattern, and many more. We will discuss all the reasons here in this post and let you know how it is possible for you to bleed twice in a month.

But before that, it is vital to know that it is a natural cycle and related to the biology of the human body. There are several factors that can lead to this situation. Plus it is not an issue for girls who had this cycle since the beginning. Though it can be a problem for girls who have a different cycle. If you are one of them you definitely need medical attention.

So here’s what might be going on with your biological system if you are getting your periods twice a month.

You’re a thyroid patient

It is not natural for your thyroid gland to stay out of order. Most of the women around the world have hyperactive or underactive thyroid. As a result of which some of them start bleeding twice in one month. If you delve deeper into the reason you will find that there are two hormones associated with the problem – known as the pituitary and hypothalamus. Both these hormones are responsible for regulating your thyroid glands and menstruation. So if your thyroid is not normal you can have irregular periods.

Additionally, conditions like hyperthyroidism can lead to unexpected loss in weight. Only a thorough checkup from a good doctor can save you from unexpected trouble. But make sure you explain your medical history to the doctor first before taking treatment. As far as the problem of weight loss is concerned that too can be handled if you visit a medical weight loss clinic.

You are suffering from an infection

Infection in the vaginal region can also be the reason for bleeding. In fact a very annoying reason for no of factors. First, because cervical or vaginal infections lead to itching and foul smell. Second, there is a burning sensation during urination. Third and obvious reason you may experience unnecessary bleeding. The reason here is simple because inflammation or infection in the cervix region is caused by a bacteria called trichomoniasis. So, watch out for all these reasons if you suddenly start having irregular bleeding.

You are pregnant

You might wonder pregnancy means ‘no bleeding’ but trust me it is not the same with everyone. Sometimes during pregnancy, especially in the first few weeks, women bleed irregularly. The process in medical terms is called spotting. But there are varied reasons for spotting. It could be an extra session of exercise, a poor diet or a benign lesion that is flourishing in your ovary. The reasons are plenty but doctors are of the view that spotting during pregnancy is a normal process.

You have uterine issues

This is one of the major reasons why you could be bleeding twice a month. Uterine polyps or fibroids occur very commonly in the uterus of the woman. They can cause bleeding as soon as touched, especially during intercourse. Not only this but this problem can also lead to back pain and anemia. In addition to this, it is not easy to relate uterine polyps or fibroids with the menstrual cycle because of its symptoms. But in case you have uterine issues and you are regularly having intercourse, irregular bleeding can occur.

You missed your birth control pill

It is one of the obvious reasons for irregular periods. The moment you miss your shot you will have an abrupt flow of hormones. Especially the two hormones that control the menstrual cycle. Eventually, an abrupt flow will lead to irregularity in the cycle. You will bleed twice or maybe excessively once. It depends on your body and the menstrual cycle you have. But in case you are facing this problem either you can consult a doctor or take your pill again to stop the bleeding.

It is not easy, I know. Especially for the ones who have irregularities in the menstrual cycle. The reasons are plenty but you need to identify yours and then take a medical action accordingly. Because at the end of the day, it is your health that comes first and the rest improves with time automatically.





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5 Reasons Why You Are Getting Two Periods In One Month

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