5 Tips When Choosing the Right Mineral Foundation

5 Tips When Choosing the Right Mineral Foundation : Every basic makeup kit needs a foundation, but finding the right one that will suit the particular needs of your skin can be a tricky task. It’s a struggle to choose one when there are thousands of others in different shades, forms, and formulations right in front of you. You may narrow down your selection by going with a mineral makeup foundation, which provides plenty of skin benefits, but even this niche section in the makeup department presents plenty of options.

How can you make sure that the foundation you purchase will complement your beauty and make your skin look as fresh and as vibrant as ever? Check out our foundation shopping tips below:

  1. Determine your skin type.

    Before looking for the right foundation, you need to have a clear idea first of what your skin type is like. Your skin can be normal, oily, dry, or combination. If you’re not completely sure about your skin type, there are plenty of short online tests that can help you identify your skin type and understand it better. Alternatively, you can ask your dermatologist to identify your skin type for you.

    Once you’ve recognized your skin type, it will help you narrow down which class of foundation to choose.

  2. Identify your undertone.

    Another key to finding a natural-looking foundation is understanding your skin tone. Your undertone is the fundamental color of your skin. No matter how fair or dark your skin is, your skin tone will fall into one of three basic categories: warm, cool, or neutral.

    Not entirely sure about your skin tone? Just look at the inner part of your wrist – if your veins are green or yellow in color, your undertone is warm; if they’re purple of blue, your undertone is cool. If it’s hard to identify between the two, your undertone is neutral.

  3. Accept your natural colors.

    When choosing your foundation, don’t try to change the color of your face. Your skin color and face are perfectly made the way they are, and the foundation you choose should complement that. Looking at the palette of colors, always go with the colors that are visibly the closest match to the natural tone of your skin. Also, your natural hair and eye color can help you figure out your perfect shade coloring.

  4. It’s all about the application.

    When testing out a potential shade, it’s important to know the best skin area for doing so. Your neck is usually the best place to test your pick, as this area of the skin is least exposed to the sun. This makes it the closest match to your natural skin tone. Also, consider using a sheer-type makeup foundation as they’re known to reflect your skin tone more naturally, and the makeup shade adjusts while blending with your skin’s natural oils.

    Moreover, remember that less is more when it comes to applying foundations that match your skin tone.

  5. Choose your mineral foundation type.

    At this point, you probably have a good idea of the type of skin you have. The next step is to choose the right mineral foundation coverage—whether it’s light, medium, or heavy (full). Skin coverage refers to the foundation’s ability to give your skin that flawless look through covering any blemishes or facial scars that you may have.

    Once you’ve found the mineral foundation that matches your tone, provides sufficient coverage, and suits the particular needs of your skin type, you’re good to go.

Testing Can Help Make the Selection Process Faster

Now that you’re well-equipped with all the information to help you choose the right shade of mineral makeup foundation, we’re leaving you with our last piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to test.

Testing different shades can help you arrive at a better conclusion as to which ones suits you best. Just keep in mind that the best foundation will be the one that looks the most natural. If the color blends perfectly with your skin type and tone, then you’ve got your winner.





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5 Tips When Choosing the Right Mineral Foundation

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