4 Best Exercises for Getting Perfect Abs

4 Best Exercises for Getting Perfect Abs: Undoubtedly women with supine and stretched out mid section look sassy. It makes them more attractive than the women having no abs but beautiful face. By decreasing belly fat, one can get perfect Abs shape.

A woman’s belly should be like solid steel that will protect her whole body structure but should not be like a brittle wood that gets dry and week by the time. I guess you too are searching for those exercises which can reduce your belly fat and give you super attractive abs cut-offs.

Oh! If I am right in guessing your search, let me tell you that today, we are going to make a short but effective list of exercises that will significantly help you in reducing your belly fat and leave your belly ABS attractive!

4 Best Exercises for Getting Perfect Abs:

Note down the crunches, punches, and folds by which you can get an abs-full belly!

1- The Prone Plank:

Starting with the simplest one! Try a push-up position.

In Prone Plank you have to make pushup position by setting your palms on the floor. Your shoulders should be above to your palms. Legs and arms must be stretched, and your head must collaborate with your spine. This position, when your belly muscles become contracted, will help you in making your belly smarter. Increase your strength and hold on to this position up to 1 minute. Repeat the step whenever you feel free!


2- The Climb Up:

Ok so as its name “climb up”; is like climbing on. You have to take a three ft long towel, make a strip of it and then wrap it around your right foot. Your left foot should be on the floor, Bend your knees and simply lift up your right foot with both of your hands the by that three ft wrapped towel. While lifting up your right foot, make your head and shoulders too off from the floor. Hold on to this position for a sec and repeat the step by applying in on both of your feet.

Note: tilting the back and tucking the chin is not recommended!


3- Single leg Stretch:

Keep it more simple but stretchy by single leg stretch. Make a position by bending your knees and lying straight with your back at the center of the rug. As it is single leg stretch, so make your left leg stretch and the right one bent. While bending your right knee over the chest, start inhaling strong. Curl your chin in the direction of your chest, lift up your head as well as your shoulders, and hold your bent leg with both of your hands from ankle and knee and left leg in 45 degrees above the floor. Repeat the exercise by applying on both legs for 4 to 5 times a day.


4- The cobra:

It’s time to stretch your belly.

Try “the Cobra” step by lying with an upside down position on your rug. Set your palms on the floor near your chest. Pull up your three main structures i.e. head, shoulders, and chest above the floor, and at the same time push your shoulder blades and thighs down together. Turn over and lie on the back, hold for 2 seconds and repeat.


You can also try AB Ripper X exercises. Ab ripper exercises are believed to be best exercise for building complete core and moving chest and hips together. These exercises have better rewarding results and can be more beneficial.


Above mentioned four steps exercise is nothing but perfect for striving on you. Rather than listing down tons of exercises, I have made it very simple to get attractive Abs belly! However, to go a bit more advance, you should also go for sit up bench exercise.




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4 Best Exercises for Getting Perfect Abs

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4 Best Exercises for Getting Perfect Abs