4 Easy Ways to Change Your Diet to Lose Weight and Become Healthier

4 Easy Ways to Change Your Diet to Lose Weight and Become Healthier
4 Easy Ways to Change Your Diet to Lose Weight and Become Healthier

4 Easy Ways to Change Your Diet to Lose Weight and Become Healthier : Too often, people avoid diets because they think they have to stop eating their favorite foods. While there are some foods that do not help with weight loss, eating them in small amounts is usually not a problem. Rapid weight loss through fasting or a limited diet is usually not sustainable. What dietitians and nutritionists have found is that small diet changes make the biggest difference over the longest period of time.

If you want to see your diet work, try these four easy ways to make small changes that will help you lose weight and become healthier.

  1. Pay attention to your portions.

    Portions make a big difference. If you go out to eat, bring half of your meal home. If you eat at home, read the labels and actually feed yourself the recommended portion. Some people like to use their hands to understand portion sizes. For example, if you have a bowl of cereal, your cereal portion shouldn’t be more than the size of your fist. A portion of meat shouldn’t be any bigger than the palm of your hand.

  2. Experiment with juicing.

    Another way to become healthier and lose weight is to eat fruits and vegetables. But, if you are not a fan of those two food groups, you can always try juicing them. This is different than buying sugary juices at the grocery store. Instead, you use a juicer, like the ones at Juicer Land, and prepare your own mixtures of pure fruits and vegetables. You can also add greens like kale or mint leaves to make your choices as healthy as possible. When you decide to make your own juice, remember that juices of all types have plenty of calories, so drink your juice as a meal replacement.

  3. Reduce your sugar intake.

    Sugar is incredibly addicting and laden with extra calories; it also shows up in plenty of unexpected places, too. The best way to start to reduce your sugar intake is to stop adding sugar to your beverages and meals. For example, if you like to sweeten your coffee with refined white sugar, try using something other than sugar, like cinnamon, vanilla extract, or stevia.

    Pay attention to foods that you consider healthy. For example, if you have a cup of yogurt each day, take a look at how much sugar is in it. Then, check out how much sugar is your ice cream. There isn’t much difference. You can keep your yogurt, but use plain yogurt and add your own fruit to it. Most prepared foods like instant oatmeal, smoothies, and pasta sauces are loaded with sugar. Read the labels and look for alternatives.

  4. Don’t fear fat.

    Fat has received plenty of negative press, but it the good kind is actually beneficial. We need good fats to keep the brain and heart healthy. This doesn’t mean you eat a bunch of fried foods. It means you eat healthy fats from whole foods like olives, avocados, and flaxseeds. Other healthy fats can be found in fish and lean meats, too.



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4 Easy Ways to Change Your Diet to Lose Weight and Become Healthier

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