4 Most Common Dental Emergencies

4 Most Common Dental Emergencies : Regardless of your age, gender, or how well you look after your teeth, dental emergencies can happen to anyone. No matter who you are, it’s likely that you will need to seek professional help to ensure your teeth and gums are in good condition at some point or another. If you find yourself in a dental emergency, it is crucial that you visit your dentist right away to prevent further damage.

Here are 4 common dental emergencies as well as guidance and advice for what you can do to help yourself.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out by accident, it’s vital that you hold on to it until you visit your dentist so they can reattach it. From the moment it happens, you need to make sure the tooth is rinsed off with milk or water before safely storing the tooth by tucking it inside your cheek to keep it moist. It’s crucial that you visit your dentist as quickly as you can so they can examine the damage and decide on a plan of action for you.

Infected or Painful Tooth

If you believe that you have an oral infection like an abscess, it’s important that you seek help immediately. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist as the longer you leave treatment, the worse your condition can get. Under no circumstances should you try and treat the infection yourself as you could do more harm than good.

Broken Jaw or Jaw Pain

If you have been involved in an accident that has resulted in a broken jaw, you will need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. To prevent swelling, make sure that you ice your face and refrain from eating solid food until you’ve been to see your dentist.

Cracked Tooth

It’s crucial that you make an appointment with your dentist immediately if your tooth is cracked or fractured. It’s likely that you will experience discomfort and pain beforehand, so you should take over-the-counter pain medication to keep the pain at bay. To reduce swelling, you may also want to consider using ice packs.

Find a Dentist

If you are experiencing any of these common dental emergencies, it’s important that you find a dentist who you feel comfortable with. Many people suffer with dental anxiety, which can make going to the dentist a daunting prospect.

However, finding a professional who understands you will mean that you can get the help and treatment you need with ease. With that in mind, you may want to visit Elite Dentistry of Simi Valley, who provide a full service with state of the art technology in oral health care. They provide emergency dental care too, so you can get an appointment on the same day, which is ideal for dental emergencies like those above.

Whether you have a knocked-out tooth, infected tooth, or a broken jaw, it’s important that you seek professional help as quickly as possible to prevent further damage from occurring to your teeth and gums. The longer you leave going to the dentist, the more chance you have of further complications.






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