Foods That Help In Weight Loss

Foods That Help In Weight Loss
Foods That Help In Weight Loss

Foods That Help In Weight Loss : Who does not want a body that one can feel comfortable, confident and healthy in.

In the zest of losing weight and achieving that ideal figure we tend to skip meals thinking it might help us to lose our weight really fast but the results are opposite you instead gain fat in long term.

Who ever said it is going to be easy?

Food plays a major role in maintaining a healthy body and some of them actually help in losing that stubborn body fat.

Obviously you just can’t lose weight by changing your meals, one has to work for that , do exercise go for running but addition of these food can help you in speeding up the process.

Since skipping meals can never be the options here are 5 most effective healthy foods that can help you to burn your fat and achieve the body you dream about.


Coffee has got caffeine which a performance booster and surprisingly weight buster. Yes your favourite cup of coffee makes you lose weight. It increases metabolic rate drastically and helps in burning that extra fat.

It has been proven through observations that people who drank coffee had a better metabolic rate than others and metabolic rate plays a major role in weight loss. Caffeine intake before exercise also helps in better performance.

Drinking coffee before exercising can also help in improving performance and can help one exercise for longer duration.

So now you can have that cup of coffee without any guilt.

Green Tea

Another caffeine product is green tea. It is quite well known that green tea is good for health in several ways but one major benefit that green tea serves is weight loss. Green tea helps in reducing belly.

It has been shown through various observations that green tea actually helps in reducing weight. It also increases metabolism thus assisting in weight loss . One can squeeze lemon into it for speedy results.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps you to lose weight and belly fat, how? Credit goes to high level of fatty acids present in it thus affecting your metabolism by making it stronger and keeping on full for a longer duration than the other non MCT oils.

It is MCT that is medium-chain triglycerides that helps in improved metabolism, reduces and hunger and along with that promote better retention of muscles. Since MCT is instantly used by body for energy rather than storing and forming fat it helps in weight loss .


Salmon contains fatty fish which is good for health, delicious and helps to burn fat. It has omega 3 fatty acids in abundant, these fatty acids help to lose weight.

Since it is rich in protein therefore it takes much time to digest therefore it keeps one full and satisfied for a longer duration and increases metabolism. All these qualities make it a perfect food to lose weight.

Thus salmon can help to satisfy your taste buds and lose weight side by side, what else is needed?

Other oil fish (fatty fish) that are rich in omega 3 also serve the same benefits .


Yes you read it right, eggs can help you to lose weight. It has got protein, healthy fats, minerals and essential vitamins, protein keeps you full and helps to build muscles and plays an important role in weight loss.

Eggs make you less hungry since it keep you full for a longer duration and curbs your appetite even when consumed in small amount because it is high in nutrition but extremely low in calories.

Eggs also increase metabolic rate because of amino acids present in egg white and high quality protein .Therefore due to its high protein amount it keeps you full thus keeps hunger aside and besides that it burns calorie fast.

So, these were the five major foods that helps in burning fat and increasing metabolism.


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Foods That Help In Weight Loss

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