Salmon for a Healthy Lifestyle

Salmon for a Healthy Lifestyle
Salmon for a Healthy Lifestyle

Salmon for a Healthy Lifestyle : The fish Salmon or the trout is the most commonly known fish in the salmonide family. The habitat for Salmon lies mainly in fresh water migrates to the ocean and returns to fresh water to reproduce. According to folklore, this fish is known to travel back to the exact place where they were born when it comes to reproduction and this fact is backed by various scientific research methods.

The Salmon eggs are laid in freshwater streams at high altitudes. This amazing species is known to move upstream in hundreds of miles against strong currents and rapids in order to reproduce.

The salmon in the Atlantic Ocean is known for its long journey, starting from great lakes of America, through to Russia’s the White Sea to Portugal. The North Atlantic Salmon is found to be an extinct species found mostly in the rivers of United States, Canada and a few more European countries such as Norway and Sweden.

As oil-rich fish, while containing Omega-3 fatty acids, the Salmon consumption has significant positive benefits to the human health. Studies have shown it is a dietary recommendation for patients with heart diseases. Also, for women in pregnancy, this fatty acid of Salmon becomes a vital part as they are required to develop the brain of the fetus.

As a versatile fish, the Salmon has thousands of various cooking methods. Like any other fish, Salmon takes roughly 10 minutes of normal cooking time for one inch of fish flesh. A perfectly cooked Salmon would flake easily when pierced and tastes smooth. To ensure the Salmon is prepared at the best level one could try out a simple and convenient cooking method by hot grilling the Salmon for few minutes and adding some lemon, brown sugar, butter and Cayenne to mix it up and indulge in a tasty experience. Also, one could quick fry the Salmon and continue to blend it with mustard sauce and black peppercorn to further enhance the unique taste.

Preparing frozen Salmon is sometimes a bit tricky since most of the people thaw it with warm water which can kill the nutrients of the Salmon. The correct method is to unwrap the salmon first and place it in a pan and place in a refrigerator for about 10 hours to be thawed slowly and in turn preserve the flavor. Once the Salmon is completely thawed out remove the icy glaze on top of it by water and layer it with Olive Oil or vegetable oil and can be cooked in a hot Oven. If one wishes to add any spices, it is recommended to put in along the cooking process as it is highly likely to burn out if one adds it at the start.

One can find out a lot of Salmon recipes related resources easily by surfing the internet. Useful sites such as contain over 700 unique recipes where one can try his/her culinary skills and surprise their guests.

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Salmon for a Healthy Lifestyle

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