5 Tips on How to Keep Lesbian Passion Alive

5 Tips on How to Keep Lesbian Passion Alive
5 Tips on How to Keep Lesbian Passion Alive

5 Tips on How to Keep Lesbian Passion Alive : ‘Bed death’ tends to be a common issue in all relationships, however, it is well-known that lesbians lose their libido after they have been together for a few years. Luckily, there are many ways to keep the spark alight and this doesn’t have to be an issue for you. A healthy sexual relationship does take a lot of work and isn’t always easy, so to help you out, here are five tips on how to keep the passion alive in your relationship.

Keep Things Sweet

Little arguments about things like dirty laundry or who needs to wash the dishes aren’t going to help with the intimate side of your relationship. Women, especially, are known to be sensitive at times and if you want to get your partner in the mood, you should treat her kindly. Think hard before you bring up little things and remind her how much you love her each day. Sweet gestures are a good method of winning some brownie points and getting into your partner’s good books.

Try Sex Toys

Sex toys, just like anything else, can become boring. Although the methods you have tried before have worked in the past, it gets very repetitive, which can lead to things dying off. To experiment properly, don’t be afraid to try a variety of sex toys. There are many different types of vibrator on the market. If either one of you enjoys penetration, choosing the best strap-on dildo, that best suits you, is the way to go. Look at and discuss these things together, or you could always get one as a surprise.


Think about doing and trying new things together such as watching VR Porn, role play, etc. Watching porn is great for getting you both in the mood and can also give you some tips for the bedroom. Introducing fantasy into your bedroom is a brilliant way to improve the relationship. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t into your partner. If you have discussed roleplay before, then you should also talk about any desires you have.

Do Some Reading

There is plenty of stuff to learn when it comes to sex and there is always room for improvement. For advice and ideas, have a read some lesbian erotica to help inspire and stimulate you. Doing this alone is great, but doing it with your partner can be even better.

Be Open Minded

To keep sex alive, action is required from both partners in the relationship and you need to make sure that both commit to doing so. Don’t be afraid to take a risk every now and then and don’t be afraid to communicate the things you want with your partner. Being open and listening to her desires can prove to be very beneficial.

Sex is very important for many reasons and should never be forgotten about in a relationship. Make sure you talk about things regularly or if you feel like something has changed. Also, don’t forget to schedule it in regularly. Intimacy is so important when it comes to a happy and healthy relationship.






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5 Tips on How to Keep Lesbian Passion Alive



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