4 Online Tools That Can Change The Way You Work

4 Online Tools That Can Change The Way You Work : Online tools have improved the way we work in the last decade. Some processes that needed specialized tools before have been trimmed down for simplification. All you need to do is have an Internet connection and a working browser. That’s the beauty of having convenience at the tip of your own fingers!

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best online tools that will elevate the way you work:

GogoPDF editor and converter

There was a time when PDF editing and converting needed a dedicated, third-party PDF application. You’ll have to purchase it, or get a subscription, download the application, then install it. After which, you’ll probably need to undergo several learning courses for you to fully have the grasp to use it. Although that is still true now, and having an advanced skill in PDF creation, editing, and converting is a trade, for most people, you won’t need to undergo all of these processes.

With online resources, PDF editing and converting can now easily be done through browser-based tools. GogoPDF is a top choice when it comes to this. The array of tools from GogoPDF will help anyone without prior knowledge to automate everything. Common PDF edits done are adding and deleting text, merging documents, among others. Then converting PDF documents to more editable ones like Word.

If you want Word convert to PDF, all you need to do is upload the document in question, run it through the GogoPDF’s converter tool, and wait for it to be converted. In less than three minutes, you should have a converted file! You can even do bulk conversions if you want to. Word of warning though: the browser-based tool won’t be more effective than a third-party PDF application.

Grammar checker

We all need a little help with our grammar and composition, and when you’re working heavily with words like emails, paper, proposals, etc. all day, it helps if there’s another set of eyes to look for random mistakes. The difference between a professional email or well-presented paper and a bad one can all be punctuation, spelling, and grammar. With online grammar-checker tools, you won’t be worrying anything is not up to par!

The top choice for this tool, especially for those people who heavily use browser-based tools like Google Docs, is Grammarly’s browser-extension. It’s available both in Chrome and Safari and works perfectly in the background. While you type, whether it’s on your email, a word processing tool, even on some selected applications, it checks the composition and flags verb and preposition mistakes, then recommends solutions to confusing phrases and modifiers.

Hemingway is another tool you can add to check your finished work. The Hemingway site offers readability checks on your composition, checks for unnecessary adverb use, and turns your sentences more purposeful. It also makes your writing clearer, more impactful, and infinitely better.

Social media blocker

Social media is probably the most iconic invention of this generation. Under its umbrella, the platforms afford many people of different chances to communicate, make friends, and do business. Social media is the world’s favorite pastime, it’s where people go and post pics of themselves, of their family, and of their activities. It’s where most people converge virtually.

That makes it the perfect avenue for marketing products and services, which in turn, makes it a business entity in itself. But how most social media works is that the user will be addicted to infinite scrolling. This results in a lack of focus, which means you’ll be distracted while working, doing chores, and etc. To curb this, install a social media blocker. You can set it up to block the social media sites in a limited amount of time while you focus, then release the block after.

G Suite

It should be said that we are living in a world where Google Docs, Sheets, and Powerpoint are some of the most used browser-based tools. More than 50% of businesses worldwide use these tools every day, with more and more joining the bandwagon. You can’t deny the power of having the ability to just go online and do your workload off of it.

The best thing about GSuite is that it’s free to use, but businesses have the option to subscribe to more storage, power features, and better syncing. For most people, you won’t need to pay for it, and the regular tools given to you at your disposal via your Gmail should be more than enough.


There you have it! These are just some of the best browser-based tools you need to add in order to simplify the way you go about your everyday life!








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4 Online Tools That Can Change The Way You Work

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