4 Signs of Poor Metabolic Health

4 Signs of Poor Metabolic Health : Metabolic health can be something that seems a little hard to understand. One of the reasons for this is that oftentimes people think of ‘health’ as a system by system, or organ by organ type of ordeal. For example, someone who has issues with their heart has cardiovascular health problems, or someone who is dealing with a muscle injury, has a muscular health problem. The metabolism of a person is interesting because it involves several organs and various systems.

For example, the heart, as well as the stomach, as well as skeletal muscle all play a role in someone’s metabolism. A person’s metabolism is less of a system and more of action than anything. What metabolism refers to, is an individuals ability to actually take food and turn it into energy. This automatically involves so many different aspects of human physiology from the ability to masticate (chew food) and break down nutrition in the stomach, to the heart’s ability to pump nutrition throughout the body in the blood while getting rid of waste.

So when someone is dealing with poor metabolic health, it’s never as simple as just one solution, however, there are very achievable steps that can be taken to strengthen metabolic health! One of the first steps to understanding how to improve your metabolic health is to understand what poor metabolic health is so you can identify it in the body.

If you have been wondering about how to identify poor metabolic health, here are four signs you should be aware of, as well as a couple of easy steps to help improve your metabolic health!

  1. General Energy

    The first sign that you may have some issues with your metabolic health, is that you feel a lack of energy or fatigue that doesn’t quite make sense. The body is meant to take in food and nutrients and then turn that into energy, and there are several factors that make this happen. When a person is suffering from a low metabolism or some kind of metabolic health issue, then one of the most telling signs can be fatigue or exhaustion.

    One thing that should be noted here, is that there are several reasons why a person may feel tired or fatigued and if you feel like it’s significant, seeing a medical professional is suggested. Low energy when you have been trying to eat correctly, exercise regularly, and get good sleep is something that shouldn’t be ignored. While it may not be indicative of true emergency, it should still warrant a conversation with a trained medical professional.

  2. Brain Fog

    Another indication that you are suffering from a poor metabolism could be continued or irregular amounts of brain fog. Brain fog is a term that describes the generalized feeling of mental cloudiness or sluggishness that doesn’t quite make sense. This could be caused by a lack of sleep or some kind of sickness, however, it can also come from your body’s metabolism not being up to 100%.

    A person’s metabolism plays an important role in their mental clarity throughout. One aspect of a person’s metabolism that may be affecting their brain fog, could be a lack of beneficial nutrients such as healthy fats. When most people think of improving their nutritional intake, they don’t think ‘fat’. Certain healthy fats such as pentadecanoic acid, or C15:0, have been shown to help support healthy metabolisms and healthier brain function.

  3. Sexual Function

    Healthy function of sexual organs can also be linked to low metabolism, such as a drop in libido, or irregularities in menstrual cycles. Sexual health is always a good indicator of underlying issues, as it takes a lot of good overall health in order to experience strong sexual health and function. When the body is not getting the energy and nutrition that it needs, this can often manifest as low sexual desire, or libido, as well as functional issues.

  4. Skin Health

    The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it requires a lot of nutrition and hydration in order to function properly. Skin health is something that is easy to overlook as life can get busy, however, it should be a priority. With the skin being the largest organ of the human body, when it is healthy or unhealthy it can have noticeable effects.

    Unusually dry skin or even uneven or unnatural pigmentation can indicate that your body isn’t getting the proper nutrition which could be indicative of poor metabolic health.


With all serious health concerns, you should always speak to your doctor about anything that worries you. Poor metabolic health can be tricky to discern, and you may need to get help from a medical professional to understand exactly what is going on. Thankfully, supporting good metabolic health can be done with good sleep and proper nutrition paying attention to the intake of healthy fats, as well as proteins and carbs.





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4 Signs of Poor Metabolic Health

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