4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health : There’s no denying the fact that we live in a stressful era. But how does this time differ from how things were ten years ago?

According to statistics, nearly 1 in 5 American adults yearly suffer from mental health conditions. Also, Americans today feel way more stressed than they ever did before. While there are numerous reasons, economic turmoil, notable shifts in tech, and relationship dynamics are a few factors that lead to stark-increase in stress levels. Although anxiety is nothing new, ongoing technological developments and changes in how people connect with the outside world have significantly impacted psychological wellbeing.

Unfortunately, we often tend to disregard the emotional signs that tell us something is amiss. Instead, we choose to put on a brave façade and engross ourselves in self-destructive behaviors. Or we bottle up our emotions in hopes that everything will ultimately fall into its place. However, it’s crucial to remind ourselves that our mental-well being is equally important, if not more, than physical health and requires the same effort.

Why does mental health matter?

Mental health, principally, is the entire psychological wellbeing. It influences how we grapple with stress, develop relationships, tackle challenges, and bounce back from life’s difficulties and sufferings.

The 2019 Stress in America report by APA (American Psychological Association) disclosed that mass shootings, healthcare, and politics are the primary stress triggers for Americans. While mental health cases have been burgeoning throughout the US; however, some places are more in pressing need of mental health counselors. For instance, states such as New York, home to an extensive populace, have witnessed the increasing prevalence of mental health illnesses and, thus, require additional support.

Suppose you wish to play your part in bridging the gap and addressing mental health needs. In that case, you can choose to become a licensed mental health counselor in New York to treat emotional and behavioral health disorders and provide adequate care. This way, you can assist people in dealing with social and emotional problems and help them contribute to meaningful changes in the community.

And while the role of mental health counselors is pivotal in nurturing positive wellbeing. However, individuals can incorporate simple practices to become more resilient and enhance their health. So, explore the following straightforward methods to boost mental wellbeing and take the reins of personal wellness:

  1. Socialize with others

    Human beings, undeniably, are social creatures. We aren’t created to survive in solitude, let alone thrive. Our brains crave human contact and companionship, even though our past experiences have made us skeptical about trusting other people.

    Studies have discovered that people with healthy relationships with their friends, family members, and community members tend to have fewer health issues and live longer lives. Healthy relationships create a sense of wellbeing and increase self-worth. Not only this, but strong connections provide an opportunity to show emotional support and share experiences.

    And while social networking plays an integral role in today’s fast-paced world, face-to-face communication holds stress-busting power. Therefore, try fixing a specific time to eat dinner with the family. Or ask a friend to meet up at a local diner to catch up on things. Likewise, you can arrange fortnightly or monthly dinner dates with your partner.

  2. Spread kindness

    Small acts of giving and spreading kindness help enhance our moods, fill us with a sense of purpose and reinforce our relationships with others. Additionally, these acts stimulate positive feelings and stir up feelings of reward. However, in the biological context, these good deeds help produce new cells in our body and build neural pathways in our brains.

    So, if you are unaware of how to begin, you can try little acts of kindness. For instance, thank the person who has completed some work on your behalf. Or you can exchange friendly smiles and kind and comforting words with others. Similarly, you can offer your support to friends who are currently struggling with challenging periods of their lives.

    Another approach is to try some volunteer work. Non-profit organizations, schools, charity centers, churches, and other institutes mainly rely on volunteers. Therefore, you can reach the community, enrich your experience, and enhance mental wellness.

  3. Get your body moving

    You might have heard an old saying, “a sound mind is in the sound body” – this adage holds water for everyone. The advantages of a workout certainly go way beyond aesthetic and physical benefits. Physical exercise helps release feel-good hormones, namely serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, which, in turn, promotes the state of euphoria.

    In addition to that, physical exercises lift your moods, make you feel great about your body, and enhance self-esteem. Given this, it’s essential to carve out time from your daily routine for physical activities. Although shedding pounds while running on a treadmill or hitting the gym isn’t a cakewalk for most people; however, you don’t necessarily need to drench yourself in sweat for exercise.

    Instead, a casual stroll during the break at the workplace, moving your body to the beats of your favorite song, ditching elevators, and using stairs can work wonders. Alternatively, you can try rhythmic workout routines such as swimming, running, or cycling.

  4. Give a try to mindfulness

    Although this may sound like a cliché suggestion, nothing ruins your mental health like destructive thoughts and overthinking. It’s relevant to note that physical and psychological health are inextricably linked.

    Not to mention stress is one of the primary reasons why most of us suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, stress doesn’t only adversely affect mental wellbeing. It also leaves negative repercussions on physical health, such as it weakens the immune system, thus, increasing the likelihood of lapsing into illness.

    While we can’t entirely eradicate triggers of stress from our lives, there are ways we can cope with them. An excellent way to deal with stress is by paying heed to the present moment and practicing deep breathing exercises. By taking a long deep breath in a way that fills your lungs with air, you can control your heart rhythm and maintain your blood pressure. As per the American Institute of Stress, the inrush of oxygen to the brain boosts the nervous system and encourages a sense of tranquility.


A person’s mental health tremendously impacts various aspects of life. Essentially, mental wellbeing refers to the state of wellness that makes a person capable of contending with life’s daily stressors. However, there are times when different factors hamper our ability to tackle the curveballs that life throws at us. These circumstances also hinder the way we perform routine work and the ability to cope with changes.

That said, it’s paramount to nurture mental wellbeing and treat mental health illnesses to stabilize thoughts, positive behaviors, and emotions. Maintaining mental health doesn’t only enhance our cognitive functioning. It also helps overcome, or at least fight, physical health issues, enhance relationships, and improve self-image.

All that’s to say, mental health plays an instrumental role in boosting the quality of life. While most factors go beyond our control; however, incorporating healthy practices can breed positive health outcomes. So, begin with one tip at a time rather than completely overhauling your lifestyle. These gradual changes can snowball and yield immense differences down the line.




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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

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