4 Simple Ways to Match Makeup to Trendy Jewellery

4 Simple Ways to Match Makeup to Trendy Jewellery : To bring life to your outfit Jewellery is the perfect way since it helps to enhance the best features in your personality. There is nothing better to complete your styling with something bold, striking and attention seeking Jewellery.

Many sites suggests some simple ways to match makeup to the trendy Jewellery. Statement pieces are especially designed for you so that you look good and unique; on the other hand, if not worn correctly they can make all the wrong statements. The Jewellery and its beauty statement is that it matches your outfit and makeup as well. To look fresh and unique you simply need to keep it simple.

The statement pieces come in many forms ranging from cocktail rings to cuffed bracelets and heavy bib-shaped necklaces. These statement pieces have various designs and colors; they are available in various sizes. To add dazzle to a simple outfit they can work wonders and they can help you to get all the attention to the desired parts which you definitely like to highlight.

Here are some of the rules which you need to follow for simple dress and makeup to make your Jewellary work wonders and to add dazzle. To pull off the look which make people looking at you in awe make sure you follow these simple rules!

  1. Lesser the better:

    If you are wearing the bold pieces, allow them to stand out. Never over crowd your look by wearing heavy bold items in close proximity from each other. In the same way, if you are applying heavy makeup try to keep the Jewellery to lesser items. For example, if you are interested in wearing more than one statement piece try not to wear too many at the times such as wearing bracelets and rings together. Do not wear statement ear rings along with necklaces at a time.

    On the other hand, with light makeup you can wear bold items to look trendy. When worn together the chandelier ear rings and cuffed bracelets look awesome. In the same way cocktail ring and a long necklace perfectly complement each other. Make it sure that the items which you select perfectly complement and coordinate each other. Avoid clashing patterns and charms and try to stick with kind of metals.

    If worn correctly the layered and chained necklaces look beautiful. Make it sure that you don’t layer too many strands together keep your look tasteful, the tabs should be kept on how much sparkle you are layering on.

    Do not wear long chain necklaces if you are trying to wear a belt since too much will be there in the same area and this can mess up the overall look. Bib necklaces can be your ideal sole statement pieces and so is the case with wide chokers. Therefore, give center state to the items and forgo other Jewellery pieces.

  2. Be simple yet trendy:

    Simplicity is the key, it adds charm. As these days, smoky eye makeup is in hot fashion. Though the smoky makeup looks odd if you have puffiness of eyes and wrinkles or fine lines around eyes, try to search for any best Korean eye cream to overcome this concern. You need to make it sure that with simple clothes you wear big accessories. If you want to stand out with the statement piece you need to match the items perfectly in a way that they make sense.

    A perfect match for one or two attention grabbing pieces is a little black dress while pure white top with jeans is likely to make a perfect backdrop for big items which are bold, bright and colorful as well. When wearing bright accessories try to stick to neutral and black colored items. With patterned items of clothing and smoky makeup less busy pieces can work well.

  3. Perfect ear ring selection:

    The statement ear rings are considered most beautiful and ornate. These are so captivating and attention seeking that everyone will take a notice of these. It is however important that they match the frame face, hence make a choice of a pair which suits and complements your facial cut and enhances your facial features. On the other hand, selection of wrong pair can be distracting as well.

    Keep in mind the details of ear rings you are selecting such as color, shape, coordination with makeup and outfit, length etc. In the same way hair should smooth and short if you are wearing dangly statement ear rings. In matching your luxury fashion jewellery with makeup and outfit its’ all about balance and hence with simple ear rings you can pump up the volume. With loose waves and poker straight hair the larger ear rings will ideally balance.

  4. Right necklace according to neckline:

    The best thing you can do is to make it sure that you wear right necklace according to your neckline. You should avoid collars, halter necks and detailing close the face since they are likely to clash with other bolder items. With a statement necklace, you can wear monochrome turtle neck sweater which will work beautifully especially it is form fitting and entirely monochrome.



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4 Simple Ways to Match Makeup to Trendy Jewellery

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