What causes hair loss in dogs? Here is the answer

What causes hair loss in dogs? Here is the answer : Your canine friend might have been with you through your darkest time, but how much are you will do for your dog when things go south? Hair loss can be detrimental, for both humans and animals, and for your pet, figuring out a way to remedy their hair loss can be tougher than in your situation.

Does alopecia, hair loss in dogs, occur to your canine pet the same as it does to human beings? Here are all the answers you need to understand the causes of hair loss in dogs:


Dogs can be allergic to multiple things, just like people. Among the contributors of allergies in dogs are dust mites, fleas, food sources for pets like wheat and dairy, among others.

The problem with allergies in dogs is that the dog owners are not keen enough to look out for the typical signs of allergic reactions on their pet. Once you notice redness of the skin of your canine friend and if he/she is scratching and biting on itches, then the irritation could be a result of allergies.

Visit your vet if you are unsure of these signs, and consider an internal or topical medication, as well as dietary changes, once you have figured out the exact cause of the allergic triggers.

Infestation or infections

You know that fleas, mites, and ticks like to be under the skin of animals, and that does not exempt your dog. Parasites and fungi, such as ringworms, can have a significant impact on the amount of hair that falls off of your pet.

The best part about hair loss dues to infection is that there is a pattern you can track, one which accounts for hair loss around the ears, chest, stomach, and eyes. Before you can determine the remedy, seek out to find out the kind of infection your pet have that you will be treating, remembering that more severe infections call for topical drugs, antifungal shampoos, among others.


Dog owners tend to be so focused on getting the best dog clippers for grooming their pets, but they often forget that there may not be fur to groom if the hair shaft is infected. If an infection occurs beneath the dog’s skin surface, then you may realize missing patches of hair, and with further damage, more hair keeps falling off.

Dirty skin and mud can be the leading causes of infected hair follicles, among other infections mentioned above.

Malnourishment and nutritional deficiencies

Just like in human beings, the diet of your dog plays a crucial role in the health of their hair. A lustrous mane translates to a healthy dog, and this may mean that the hair loss is your fault.

Mostly, the diet you put your dog through should be rich in essential fatty acids, high-fat, diets, among others. Ideally, your safest option is to feed your dog only with dog food from reputable brands who have a proper balance of essential nutrients.

Underlying health problems

In the worst case scenario, it could be that the hair loss you witness on your dog has something to do with underlying health problems. A condition like Cushing’s disease and hyperthyroidism come with complications of bald spots and hair loss.

Before you can conclude that the health of your dog may be on the line, check out for symptoms such as increase or decrease in appetite, thirst, weight, insomnia, and loss of energy, among others. Once you establish one or more of these signs, check in with your vet to get the cause properly found before commencing medication.


Now that you have found out what could be the cause behind your loyal friend losing hair, maybe it is time to employ some remedies and get him/her back to its hair glories.


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What causes hair loss in dogs? Here is the answer

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