4 Things To Make Working Out Easier During Periods

4 Things To Make Working Out Easier During Periods
4 Things To Make Working Out Easier During Periods

Working out during during periods can feel impossible. Not only do you have to deal with cramps but you also have to consider the logistics of choosing the best attire when you have a heavy flow. These items can help you push through and continue your exercise routine regardless of whether you’re on your period.

  1. Period-Proof Attire

    Leaks and stains are real threats when exercising during a heavy flow. Fortunately, manufacturers have produced articles of clothing specifically to handle leaks. Some pieces are designed to act as your workout gear and feminine product in one. Period-proof underwear is becoming popular because it looks and feels like normal underwear but is lined with an absorbent material that is comparable to two tampons. You can also find period-proof workout shorts and pants that allow you to bend, twist, move, and run with confidence.

  2. Menstrual Cup

    Choosing the right feminine products to use during a workout can also be challenging. Tampons can be uncomfortable for some and sometimes leak. Pads can be bulky and difficult to move around with. Menstrual cups are great alternatives to traditional products. You can insert one directly into your vagina to collect the blood before it travels any further. Because menstrual cups can hold more liquid than tampons or pads, your risk of experiencing a leak is lower. Also, you don’t have to change it as frequently as a tampon or pad, meaning you can enjoy a long workout without worry.

  3. Ovulation Jewelry

    Most of the products designed to assist you when working out on your period are only useful once your period has arrived. Knowing your cycle, including your ovulation dates, start and end dates, and flow lengths can help you decide which products to use and when. Ovulation jewelry looks like any normal piece of jewelry, except that it tracks and predicts your menstrual cycle. Just connect it to the app on your smartphone, and you have all the information you need. As a bonus, it doubles as an activity tracker, which is perfect for your workout.

  4. Cramp-Reducing Tea

    It might be tempting to chug a cup of coffee to find the energy to work out. But caffeine might not be the best drink choice when you have cramps. It can cause you to retain more water and make you feel worse. Many┬átypes of teas can relieve cramps and give you the energy you need after a long day. Teas such as ginger, raspberry leaf, and green tea can help with period cramps while still giving you energy.If you don’t like tea, water is a great alternative. If you feel bloated, drinking large amounts of water might seem counterintuitive, but it helps relieve water buildup.


The benefits of working out during your period include pain relief and improving your mood. Fortunately, with products such as period-proof underwear, the menstrual cup, and menstrual cycle tracking jewelry, you can complete your daily workout even when you’re on your period.

Working out easier during periods doesn’t have to be impossible, and neither does getting your birth control. Telemedicine providers such as Nurx make it easy to order your birth control online, freeing you from the hassle of seeing a doctor and picking up your pills from the pharmacy. You’ll have more time to devote to getting fit.





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4 Things To Make Working Out Easier During Periods

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