4 Tips To Choose The Perfect Evening Dress

4 Tips To Choose The Perfect Evening Dress
4 Tips To Choose The Perfect Evening Dress

4 Tips To Choose The Perfect Evening Dress : Do you have an appointment marked on the calendar and are you worried about not finding the right dress? Do you fear not being right with your choice or do you simply not know where to start? Becoming the perfect guests is our primary goal as soon as we set a date on the horizon – be it a wedding, a corporate event or a graduation.

After this, we take out all our “logistic arsenal” ready to find the ideal model for the occasion, with which we leave those present speechless. Pages of marked magazines, saved websites, several Pinterest boards and scrutinized Instagram accounts … and everything for what? Not to miss a millimeter and find the most spectacular evening dress!

Are you going to start your search? Well, if you don’t want any loose ends, before launching yourself to the stores, keep in mind these 4 tips that we are going to give you, they are infallible!

  1. The event type

    This is a fundamental parameter that you must always keep in mind, whether you are looking for a perfect style for a day event or for a night party. And, many times we forget the type of event we will go to and sin by excess or default. That is to say, it is not the same to attend an afternoon wedding, an evening appointment related to our company or a graduation in which we are the honoree or the guest.

    In case of being a link, for example, you will have to forget the color white – unless expressly requested by the bride -, in labor matters a black and sober dress is always a success, while if you are the guest at a graduation you can choose a outfit much more casual than the protagonist. Long prom dresses can be a good option. Remember to weigh this point!

  2. The place

    Before starting the search for the perfect evening dress with which to become the soul of the party, it is essential that you weigh the characteristics of the place where the event will be held, more than anything to rule out options.

  3. Color and silhouette

    We are clear about the type of event and the place where it will be held, half of the work is done! Now that we have launched into the search, it is essential to know each other perfectly, to know what our body is like and what silhouettes highlight our best attributes; as well as the color of our complexion and our hair to find the colors that favor us.

    Of course, we all have areas and characteristics that we want to enhance and others that we prefer to hide, in the eagerness to feel comfortable with a certain design and become the perfect guests. As for color, many stylists claim that in case of being brown, red is the most flattering hue, in addition to other intense colors such as greens, blues, garnets and violets. Do you have a dark complexion too? Do not lose sight of nude, turquoise, metallic and earth tones.

  4. The fabric

    This point is closely related to the first two, that is, with the type of event, the place where it takes place and the height of the year in which we are. That is, it is not good to choose a dress with a sumptuous and warm fabric to go to an event on the beach with more than twenty-five degrees.


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