4 Ways Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Improve Lives

4 Ways Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Improve Lives : Studies suggest that one out of two Americans take over-the-counter drugs to manage their conditions. The trend has made America one of the countries with high pharmaceutical drug consumption. Despite all these, the US has embraced medicinal antidotes to manage problems that can be treated organically.

One such medicinal solution is hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Fort Worth. If you have already booked your appointment with the Wound Evolution- Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine team, you likely wonder if HBOT will restore your life. Here is everything you need to know about the medical procedure.

What does HBOT entail?

HBOT is a medical treatment procedure that involves inhalation of pure oxygen in a clinic setting for a specific period. In normal circumstances, the air you breathe contains about 21% of oxygen. Doctors rely on pressurized chambers to dispense oxygen into a patient’s bloodstream. The oxygen gets absorbed into the plasma, tissue, and other organs at a rapid rate. When a doctor recommends HBOT treatment, it means a patient has a chronic medical condition that does not improve with conventional treatment solutions. HBOT is available in med spas and other medical practices.

How HBOT can improve your life

  1. To Treat Anemia

    People with anemia lack enough red blood cells to transport oxygen in various parts of their bodies. That results in paleness, general weakness, and fatigue. HBOT works by increasing oxygen supply into hemoglobin, plasma, and tissue. If you have anemia, your doctor can recommend you undergo HBOT to fight these symptoms.

  2. HBOT Speeds Up Recovery For Traumatic Injuries

    In a case where you have had a traumatic injury after an accident, your muscles may swell, leading to neurological issues. Over time, slow-healing wounds and infections can affect your blood vessels that are responsible for supplying oxygen. HBOT facilitates the circulation of oxygenated blood to your damaged tissues and encourages the regeneration of new blood vessels. If you have a non-healing wound due to insufficient blood circulation, you could qualify for HBOT.

  3. HBOT Reverses The Side Effect Of Radiation Therapy

    If you have been diagnosed with cancer, radiation therapy could be the most suitable treatment plan to reduce the cancer cells. However, radiation therapy can also damage the good cells in your body. HBOT not only repair damaged cells due to radiation therapy, but it also influences the growth of new capillaries. The process helps your body to regenerate new cells in the affected areas.

  4. HBOT Treats Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of death. However, doctors can save patients’ lives through supplemental oxygen from HBOT. It works by compelling extra oxygen to your blood plasma, interfering with carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember, HBOT can only reverse CO’s toxicity when detected early.

A Specialist Can Determine If You Need HBOT

While HBOT has significantly improved patient’s lives, it is not for everyone. Having a chronic condition or a traumatic injury might make you qualify for HBOT, but that can only happen when a specialist has exhausted all medical options to address your problem. To learn more about how HBOT works, call your doctor to schedule an appointment.





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