5 Benefits of ADHD When It Comes to Working Out

5 Benefits of ADHD When It Comes to Working Out
5 Benefits of ADHD When It Comes to Working Out

5 Benefits of ADHD When It Comes to Working Out : While the exact cause of ADHD is still to be determined, dopamine is seen as a possible contributor. Dopamine levels have been observed as different in ADHD individuals.

Exercise also stimulates the release of dopamine, which may be why there are actual benefits of ADHD when it comes to exercise. Here are our top 5 benefits of ADHD when it comes to working out.

  1. Attention Benefits of ADHD through Exercise

    In a 2019 study of ADHD-diagnosed and non-ADHD-diagnosed individuals studied whether or not reaction times differed between groups. The study found that the ADHD group had faster reaction times during exercise by 25.4 ms.

    This study observed participants during rest and during exercise periods. While attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can make life more difficult, consider exercise as a potential attention heightener.

  2. Exercise Similarities to Medication

    Mental health disorder symptoms can often be alleviated through medication and therapy. When it comes to ADHD, exercise can help release dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. The release of these chemicals can be stimulated through ADHD medication.

    The release of these chemicals is critical to proper brain function and lacking in individuals with ADHD.

    Consider exercise to jump-start the release of these chemicals. However, recognize when mental health professionals can truly improve your quality of life as well.

    Treatment centers like the Alo House dual diagnosis rehab center offer unique services. At the Alo House, they treat individuals with mental health disorders and addiction simultaneously.

  3. Calming Exercises for Busy Brains

    Exercising with yoga can also be extremely beneficial for individuals with ADHD. While taking a slow break from the world is good for everyone, yoga can especially offer a chance of respite from rushing thoughts for those with ADHD.

    Yoga also offers another opportunity for purposeful relaxation and focus. These are often hard to attain in our day-to-day but essential for managing stress.

  4. Team Sports Offer Exercise and Focus

    Exercise doesn’t have to be done alone at the gym. Team sports also offer collaborative spaces in which ADHD individuals can excel.

    However, the benefits of ADHD in team sports resides in sports where one competes as an individual, then contributes to the team with their score. These sports include wrestling and track & field.

    Those with ADHD will find that competing as an individual will be make focusing and learning easier. The team collaborative energy is still carried on through team combination scores.

  5. Increased Productivity

    Unlike individuals without ADHD, individuals with ADHD are prone to move from one task to another quickly. This makes it hard to complete any one task in one sitting, but can be a benefit of ADHD when it comes to working out.

    Working out requires enough dedication to actually give time to each of your muscle groups. Finding the right exercises for your body is a time dedication that individuals with ADHD may be more prone to complete.

Balancing Treatment with Benefits of ADHD

While exercising is beneficial for everyone those with ADHD might see even more heightened effects from physical activity.

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5 Benefits of ADHD When It Comes to Working Out

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