5 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

5 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home : If you want a clean and serene decor for your room, then indoor plants are the best choice for you that you can consider. There are several benefits of having indoor plants in your residence. These indoor plants are also considered the best office plants too. Indoor plants make your office or the room look lively, and you can feel the purity in the air within your room.

There are several indoor plants that you can plant in your home to get fresh air. When you have the indoor plant in your home, then it also keeps your surroundings germ free and serene. The beauty of your room is also restored when you plant the green plants in your room. You need to make your choices in the right direction so that you can get the maximum benefits out of it. Make sure that the plants you have chosen for your indoor plantation should not be harmful in nature.

Best Indoor Plants For Your Home  

There are several indoor plants you can choose from as per your convenience to meet the needs of your home decor. Therefore, let’s explore some of the best indoor plants that you can use in your home.

  1. Monstera Deliciosa

    It is a Swiss cheese plant which has become very popular for the last few years. It is the most popular indoor plant that has been used in most households right now. This plant has lush green leaves with some distinctive holes in it. This plant can grow in any room comfortably, and this plant can be placed anywhere within your room. It will look beautiful and stunning to the viewers. A warm climate is the best for this plant, and you must keep this plant away from the sunlight. Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth is essential for this plant to survive in the long run. Artificial heating or cooling must be avoided for this plant. Monstera must be kept in a moist condition.

  2. Epipremnum aureum

    Aureum is another popular indoor plant that you can keep in your home. It is a fast-growing plant. Some people often call it a forgiving vine. In any position of your house, you can keep this plant. You can keep these plants in hanging baskets and glass vases. The maintenance required is significantly less in the case of this plant. The leaves of these plants look waxy, and sometimes it is heart-shaped. The coloring of the plant depends on the cultivator. These plants are drought tolerant in nature, and it does not require any fertilization. Spring and summer are the best seasons for this plant. It helps them to grow well in these seasons. You need to place the cutting glass of jars for water in order to encourage the chances of rooting.

  3. Dracaena Massangeana

    Among the beginner green thumb, this plant is trendy. This plant often grows at the height of 1.2-1.8 meters long as it comprises stalky stems. Green leaves often feature green and light yellow stripes. These stripes run through them over their surface. If you are searching for a large plant, then it is the best option for them. This plant can tolerate low light, but it must be placed in indirect bright light. If you water this plant once a week, then it is best for them. Dracaena Massangeana is toxic for cats and dogs. Hence, if you have pets of such kind, then keep them away from this plant. This plant can prove to be deadly for them.

  4. Spathiphyllum

    Spathiphyllum is also known as a peace lily. For an extended period, this plant is known as one of the famous house plants. NASA also featured these plants as the best air purifying plant. This plant possesses glossy dark green foliage. Along with that, this plant comprises stunning white flowers. Each of these plants grows at the height of 45-65 cm tall. Low light is favorable for this plant. It will bloom improperly if you place this plant in bright sunlight. Soggy and wet soil is not favorable for them as it may result in the rotting of the roots of these plants. Pets and children must be kept away from this plant as it is poisonous in nature. Even in pricing and maintenance this plant will also be cheaper office solutions. If the children or your home pet chew it, then it can become a dangerous thing for them. Try to keep children away from this plant to save their lives.

  5. Bromeliad

    These plants are for advanced gardeners. This beautifully colored rosette makes the perennials easy. The maintenance requirement of these plants is shallow. In the Indoors, these plants require very bright to medium sunlight. It grows well in shallow pots that possess fast drainage. You can easily water the plants by filling the central cup. Make sure that you flush the plants on a regular basis so that water stagnation does not take place and kill these plants. The addition of little fertilizers is enough to keep these plants in the right shape. You can water the plants easily by filling the central cup to make the surface of the plant body watery. Make sure that you do not add extra fertilizers to the plants otherwise. It can prove to be very harmful to this plant. Water them as much as they are required, not more, not very less.


Hence, from the above discussion, it has become obvious that if you want to maintain indoor plants, then the above-mentioned names of the plants will be best for you. Make sure you must maintain the norms in a proper way so that you do not need to worry a lot regarding the life cycle of the plants. Sometimes, these plants are also considered as the best office plants that you may view in many office premises. Remember one thing that some of these plants are poisonous in nature, and it will be better from your end to keep these plants away from your pets. Try to maintain the serenity of your home by keeping these plants in the right place in your room.



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5 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

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