5 Causes of Bedsores And How to Prevent Them

5 Causes of Bedsores And How to Prevent Them
5 Causes of Bedsores And How to Prevent Them

5 Causes of Bedsores And How to Prevent Them : Bedsores are one of the most irritating, painful, and frustrating conditions you can get. Why? Because you tend to get bedsores when you are bed-bound. This means you’re already sick – and now you need to deal with a bedsore, too.

In this post, we look at some of the most common causes of bedsores to give you insight on how to avoid them.

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Without further ado, here are the 5 most common ways you get a bedsore, and how you can avoid them…

  1. Poor Nursing Care

    If you haven’t been regularly attended to while you are in your sick bed, you may develop sores. Nurses are busy people and they might overlook your care. When you have paid health insurance you have a right to be issued with the highest quality of care – and not to be made sicker by the nursing staff!

    If poor nursing care is the reason that you have developed bedsores, then you should claim back some of that wasted health insurance. Bed sore injury-related legal claims are very common in terms of personal injury claims, says Jonathan Rosenfeld, who specialises in pressure sore injuries.

  2. Limited Mobility

    The main cause of bedsores is having a lack of, or limited, mobility. A bedsore doesn’t need to be caused by lying in bed all day. Wheelchair users might well suffer from them on the numb parts of their body that are in the same position for prolonged periods.

    The best way to combat this cause of bedsores is to move around – but that’s not always possible. If you can’t move yourself, make sure you have help on hand to move you at intermittent periods throughout the day. The Mayo Clinic has further advice on this matter and what they call ‘pressure sores’.

  3. Reduced Blood Oxygen

    Reduced amounts of oxygen in your circulatory system is likely to cause pressure ulcers in particular parts of your body. You still need to lean on those areas and be motionless for long periods of time, however. To increase blood oxygen you could try eating more greens, exercising, or supplementing with something like Ginkgo.

  4. Overall Fitness

    Old age and frailty are two common causes of bedsores. If you are elderly or infirm it is common to lie in the same position the whole night through. Do this more than one night in a row and you might end up with a bedsore!

    Bedsores can be fatal if they are left untreated. Avoid getting them entirely by increasing your fitness level or simply by waking yourself up at night with an alarm and changing your sleeping position. Do a few light exercises every day if you can? You can’t fight old age – but you can keep your health level up to stave off illness.

  5. Movement!

    The key to preventing bedsores is movement. That’s according to Medical News Today. If you can’t move yourself then get a relative or nurse to help. Again, if you have been neglected, consider getting a lawyer.  It is not easy to treat a pressure ulcer and they may even require surgery to help heal…

Don’t take the risk… keep moving and carry on!







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5 Causes of Bedsores And How to Prevent Them

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