5 common pregnancy bloopers and how to dodge them

5 common pregnancy bloopers and how to dodge them: You may know everything about proper eating habits when you’re pregnant, as well as about exercise and additional requirements and demands, but there are still high chances that you may fall into common traps. Everything can be fixed provided that you take matters into your own hands early on in the pregnancy.

A lot of women can’t quit smoking, and wrongfully assume that it’s ok to enjoy a cigarette every once in a while. The same thing goes for alcohol. It all depends because every pregnancy is different. There are pregnant women who exercise and live an active lifestyle, but there are others that can’t even leave the house.


Eating for two

As a woman, your calorie requirement per day is somewhere between 1800 and 2100. How can you believe that a baby fetus that grows inside your body actually needs those calories to grow? He doesn’t. What your baby needs is adequate nutrition. If your normal calorie intake per day is 1800, you need about 300 more but not for your baby, but for yourself. When you’re pregnant you need more strength, and since the body is heavier it needs energy to feel livelier and more spirited throughout the day.

Gaining too much weight when you’re pregnant may lead to a wealth of health conditions such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. In some circumstances, you might even need a C-section upon delivery because your body won’t be able to give birth the natural way. Include plenty of fruit and veggies into your diet, and consult with a nutritionist for advice on how to keep your weight under control.



In case you didn’t know, you should avoid medication such as paracetamol and antacids during a pregnancy. Self-medication can affect the overall condition of your pregnancy, and undergoing severe beauty treatments may trigger congenital abnormalities. It’s best to take pills prescribed by your doctor only. In case the pills prescribed make you feel sick or nauseated, it might be best to consult with your physician and ask to change the brand, or at the very least do some more tests.


Lack of sleep

It’s wrong to assume that if you’re pregnant you can work as normal. You can’t and shouldn’t. Don’t play superwoman because that’s not the case. The physical and hormonal changes that occur in your body throughout a pregnancy inquire a lot of rest. Lack of sleep triggers pregnancy fatigue, and if you don’t take measures things might get worse. Keep in mind that your body has to be physically fit after 9 months of pregnancy because you need to be able to deliver the baby, and go through the labor period. Six hours of sleep per night is not enough. But then again sleeping for 12 hours a day is not recommended either. There has to be a balance. An active lifestyle matters just as much as rest.


Steer clear of comfort foods

In case you’re having issues with your sweet tooth and can’t refrain yourself from eating sweets all day long, look for a way to limit the intake or at the very least, replace bad sweets with healthier options. It’s critical that you do this in the first trimester, before the fetus turns into an infant. If you can’t stop your cravings for candy or chocolate, you can opt for healthier varieties. Organic dark chocolate, for example, can be a lot healthier.

Furthermore, you are advised to include healthy foods into your diet. Proper food combos are fundamental, too. When it comes to meaty products, the best thing that you can do is stick to lean meat, chicken, turkey and tuna. Avoid red meat at all costs. Fruits and veggies are all recommended, although the best are seasonal and organic varieties.



It’s wrong to believe that if you’re pregnant you have to pump your body with supplements and vitamins of all sorts. Unless your pediatrician hasn’t prescribed you medication, you shouldn’t take any. However, most pregnant women need folic acid. It prevents birth defects, and almost all pediatricians recommend women to take it. However, don’t take folic acid at random. Only your pediatrician will know what dose you need following your blood work tests.


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5 common pregnancy bloopers and how to dodge them

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5 common pregnancy bloopers and how to dodge them