5 Creative Ways to Quit Smoking

Are you looking for creative ways to quit smoking Tobacco? Take a look at this list of some surprising ways to kick the cigarette habit to the curb for good.

  1. Find Your ‘Why’

    You need to base yourself on a solid reason for quitting smoking. Dig deep and ask yourself why you want to stop smoking, and don’t be afraid to be specific. Is it because you are tired of spending the cash on cigarettes? Do you want to save up for a holiday overseas? Or maybe you are short of breath as you climb the stairs, and you feel like you want to reclaim your health and your body. Perhaps, you notice that instead of actually enjoying the process of smoking a cigarette, you are simply reaching for the pack and the lighter out of habit instead of because it is a conscious decision.

    Whatever your specific reason is, find it and use it to motivate and discipline yourself.

  2. Have An Arsenal Of Support

    Once you decide to toss out the cigarettes, chances are you will need to rely on a support base. And this support base can be comprised of anything from meditation and hypnosis to classes, counseling and even apps. Before you quit for good, find the things that you feel will help you.

  3. Consider CBD

    This one may come as a bit of a surprise to you.

    Research shows that CBD can be successful in treating addiction and lowering a person’s withdrawal symptoms. Some people have successfully kicked cigarettes to the curb after they began vaping with e-liquid flavors you have never seen before, including CBD. Remember though, if you do try CBD that you find a product that has third-party test results that can be attributed to the levels of cannabinoids such as CBD and that do not contain any heavy metals.

  4. Find Other Ways To Wind Down

    Many people begin to use nicotine as a way to reduce stress and relax. So, before you even quit for good, it can be helpful to develop new ways to help yourself relax and relieve stress. For some, meditation and exercise can be good substitutes. Find what works for you and learn to manage your stress in a healthy way and you will find that your dependence on nicotine to relieve stress will be reduced.

  5. Clean Your Home

    Once you decide to stop smoking cigarettes, you will find that almost anything that reminds you of smoking will egg you on to have another. Just one more. So, get rid of lingering smells and reminders by giving your home a thorough clean once you decide to ditch the habit. Get rid of your ashtrays (or at least pack them out of sight), wash the upholstery, carpets, and curtains.


Give your home a makeover- especially if you used to smoke inside the house. This can also apply to your car as well. If you have smoked inside your car while driving then give it a good clean so that you remove any lingering tobacco odor that could trigger a craving.





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5 Creative Ways to Quit Smoking