5 Early Menopause Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

5 Early Menopause Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of
5 Early Menopause Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

5 Early Menopause Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of : No woman wants to go through menopause. As women near the age of menopause, they may begin to dread getting older too. This happens because of the symptoms that menopause brings forth.

Menopause is a part of aging. The average age a woman can start menopause is 51, but some women can start menopause before 40.

All women should be able to identify early menopause symptoms. Women can prepare themselves for early menopause symptoms as they arise.

Read this guide to learn about 5 common early menopause symptoms.

  1. Hot Flashes

    Hot flashes are a common sign of early menopause. This is one of the earliest menopause symptoms that appear. Data shows that about 80% of women who are about to start menopause have hot flashes.

    Women who experience hot flashes feel warmth across their bodies. It’s a sudden sensation, but this sensation is brief.

    For most women in menopause, hot flashes can occur for a couple of years. This symptom varies in severity. It can lead to other symptoms such as an increase in heart rate.

  2. Night Sweats

    Women in early menopause experience hot flashes during the day. As the name implies, night sweats occur during the night. This symptom leads to excessive sweating.

    Night sweats from menopause can be severe. A woman with severe night sweats can find their clothes and bedsheets to be soaking wet.

  3. Chills

    Chills are the opposite sensation of hot flashes and night sweats. When a woman experiences chills, she will feel a tingling, cold feeling. It will be a sudden onset.

    If the chills are severe, they can cause you to shake and turn pale. The good news about chills is that they only last a few minutes.

  4. Mood Changes

    Mood changes, or mood swings, are a part of menopause. Women who experience mood changes undergo emotional changes.  Emotional changes that are part of early menopause include anxiety and irritability. Lack of motivation, fatigue, and feelings of sadness are also common signs of mood changes.

    Depression is not a part of menopause, but some women entering early menopause can experience symptoms of depression.

  5. Vaginal Dryness

    Another symptom of early menopause is vaginal dryness. This can be an uncomfortable issue.

    This early symptom of menopause results from a decrease in moisture production. It can cause issues during sexual intercourse. Pain and slight bleeding can occur when engaging in this activity.

    It can also cause women to experience a decrease in libido. Unlike the rest of the symptoms of menopause, this one can last even after menopause has ended.

Look for These Early Menopause Symptoms

If you believe you have early menopause, you have to look for the symptoms. These are the common signs of early menopause. You need to understand these symptoms. Understanding them can help you deal with them as they occur.

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5 Early Menopause Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of