5 Easy Pilates Exercises for Beginners You Can Do at Home

5 Easy Pilates Exercises for Beginners You Can Do at Home : Did you know that one hour of Pilates exercises will have you burning calories for the remainder of the day? It’s a great way to kick start your metabolism.

Are you hoping to boost your metabolism and create lean muscle? If your answer is yes, then Pilates is for you. You will learn body awareness and notice a difference from “before” to “after”.

Looking for an alternative strength training and yoga? Keep reading to discover five amazingly simple Pilates exercises to do at home for beginners.

  1. The Mermaid

Work out the sides of your body with this exercise. Sit like a mermaid with your legs folded to one side to begin.

  • Place your hand around your ankles.
  • Put the opposite hand up and reach up toward the ceiling and then lean to the opposite side.
  • Your core should be engaged and you should feel a stretch on your side. Repeat twice.
  • Alternate sides.

This move is designed to lengthen your body and relieve stress.

  1. The Saw

Stretch your shoulders and upper back and ring air out of your lungs with this one.

  • Start from a seated position.
  • Legs stretched out in front, hip-width apart.
  • Arms out to the side.
  • Lean to stretch your right hand to your left toes, pulse three times.
  • Twist to return to center and then do the other side.

This is a great stretch and builds strength.

  1. Single-Leg Circles

Looking for Pilates core exercises at home? This move keeps your core engaged and you will definitely feel it.

  • Lay down on the mat, legs stretched out.
  • Extend one leg and bend the other.
  • Circle your leg across the body and around.
  • Repeat 5 times and then reverse direction.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.

Keep the opposite leg bent to engage your core and keep your hips aligned.

  1. Rolling Like a Ball

This one is great to stretch your spine, massage your back muscles, and work your abs.

From a seated position:

  • Bend your knees and have your toes touch the floor.
  • Grab the back of the thighs.
  • Tuck your head between your knees.
  • Balance and roll back and then up. Repeat 5 times.

Pay attention to your balance and your breathing.

  1. The 100

Just about every Pilates class begins with the 100. It’s a warm-up to get your blood pumping. It’s a great way to engage your core.

To do this exercise:

  • Draw your legs into your chest.
  • Hold your legs as you lift your head and curl into a ball.
  • Your legs should be out with your shins parallel to the floor.
  • Knees above your hips.
  • Your arms should be at your side.
  • Pump the arms up and down.
  • Inhale for 5 counts and exhale for five counts.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • If you have a delicate neck, keep your head on the floor.

Focus on your abdominals as you do this exercise and remember to breathe!

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Pilates Exercises at Home

Now that you’ve learned some Pilates exercises to do at home, you’ll be on your way to a leaner body, better posture, and improved physical and mental health.

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5 Easy Pilates Exercises for Beginners You Can Do at Home

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