5 Hair Styles That Can Cause Hair Loss

5 Hair Styles That Can Cause Hair Loss : Hair loss is quite frustrating for many individuals. What’s more irritating is that you’re doing things in your regular life that is exacerbating the fall. You’d like to be able to arrange your hair in a variety of ways. However, you are destroying your hair with any style.

If you’re experiencing hair loss and are wondering what’s causing it, there are specific hairstyles that are to blame. It is also in responsible of fast thinning.

It’s vital to note that the power of the repeated tug on the hair, rather than the hairstyle itself, may trigger hair loss. Wearing your hair loosely pulled back rather than forcefully pulled back is one of the simplest strategies to minimize harm.

A neat ponytail, cornrows, or tightly tied updo may look fantastic. If you often wear your hair tightly pulled back, the persistent pulling may eventually result in hair loss. Let’s look at 5 hairstyles that might lead to hair loss.

Tight Ponytails

Most people’s regular hairstyles include a high ponytail and smooth, shiny buns. Wearing a tight ponytail daily will shock your scalp by limiting blood circulation to your hair follicles. Traction alopecia is caused by follicular damage caused by repeated tugging over a lengthy period. A receding hairline on the temples and forehead is the most prevalent sign of hair loss produced by this hairstyle.


In Africa, cornrows are a popular hairstyle. It is an incredibly stylish and popular appearance in which hair is braided very near to the scalp, which may undoubtedly cause strain in the scalp and scarring. It will cause hair loss and breakage, especially if you maintain it for an extended period. Furthermore, if you do not properly clean your hair, you may promote fungal and bacterial infections, which may increase the creation of bald patches. This hairstyle, in which the hair is braided very near to the scalp, may undoubtedly cause strain on the scalp and scarring.

Messy Buns

Wearing a bun all day can cause hair breakage. Even sleeping in a bun is bad for your hair. Root traction increases as you move around in bed, increasing friction throughout the night. Many people do tight buns during sleep to have sound sleep.  But hair tightness causes hair loss. To avoid this, most hair experts recommend leaving the ends open or lightly wrapped.

Wet updos

Wet hair is weaker and more delicate than dry hair. Excessive pulling or combing of damp hair might result in hair loss and breaking. Furthermore, twisting or shaping damp hair causes frizz and leaves tangles and knots behind when it dries.

Straightened Hair

Congratulations if you were born with perfectly straight hair! However, if you style with a flat iron to get a straight look every day, you could be damaging your hair. The heat that comes out of the flat iron causes hair damage. Experts advise against straightening your hair every day, but if you do, apply a heat protectant spray.

Changing hairstyles might also aid in reducing pull. When changing styles, it’s best to give your hair time to recover. Keep your hair as it is.  In this way, you can save your hair from excessive damage.

There appear to be hundreds of various hair loss remedies, each with varied degrees of dependability and efficacy. Some, however, are founded on far more solid science than others. Platelet-rich plasma is one of these therapies (PRP). PRP hair treatment is a material extracted from your blood and injected into your scalp that is said to help mend biological tissues, including hair follicles.





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5 Hair Styles That Can Cause Hair Loss

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