Hairstyles That Survived Through Time And Are Still In Vogue Today

Hairstyles That Survived Through Time And Are Still In Vogue Today : What hairstyle is right for you? Even if you know that a hairstyle will look good, you need to consider what trends are coming and going and while there are many fun and flattering ‘do’s out there that are absolutely worth trying, there are others you should absolutely avoid. Read on as we explore some of the most timeless hairstyles that you can wear, no matter the year.

  • Waves

    Finger waves are still very much popular for both natural hair and straight hair. This style is known for creating a sculpted look that you can build upon based on the silhouette that you want to create. Hairstylists often use relaxing cream for wavy to very curly hair to achieve this glam style without wearing a wig. Heat-protectant is a must when achieving this style to prevent damaging the hair when styling it.

  • Bangs

    Bangs have been around since the 1920s and have gone through many iterations and yet, they are still considered to be a staple hairstyle for women. In the ‘30s, women were often seen with blunt bangs and the ‘40s were all about the “bumpers” bangs which saw the hair being teased into a pouf at the top of the head. Other iterations include gamine bands, baby bangs, short bands, the pixie cut with barely their bangs, and the ‘70s classic- feathered hair bang made famous by actress Farah Fawcett.

    If you like, you can go for the ‘00s look known as the retro-bang which was made famous by actress Zoey Deschanel and model Kate Moss. Nowadays, we’re seeing shoulder-length bangs make the most impact.

  • The Afro

    The Afro is primarily designed for African hair care and is part of the Black is Beautiful movement that sought to free black women from white beauty standards. And this look was the beginning of people with naturally textured hair beginning to embrace their hair. It’s synonymous with American culture, particularly in the ‘70s and to this day, it can be worn and has shaped hairstyles that are available today because, in a way, it is the foundation of the classic wash-n-go hairstyle. Proper shampoo and conditioner that gives the hair moisture is a must for achieving this style.

  • Braids

    African women have been wearing braids since antiquity and continue to be a staple of popular culture. The style was made popular in pop culture by Janet Jackson when she wore it in the 1993 film, Poetic Justice.

    It’s particularly popular in the summertime as it’s easy to wear and makes for effortless styling in humid conditions. Jumbo braids, faux locs, Senegalese twist, and crochet braids are just a few styles that have evolved from this classic yet trendy hairstyle. It’s great for people with curly hair who want an easy way to style their natural hair while having fun with it.

  • The Bob

    In ancient Egypt, extreme heat made short hair popular, and wigs in the style of “the bob” were often used. The hairstyle made a roaring come back in the 1920’s and has since seen many different iterations. There’s the stacked bob; a trendy short A-line cut has been replaced by the long bob, also known as “the lob”. Later, this was replaced by the precise bob; a pin-straight, one-length bob which was followed by the modern French girl bob that is all about cutting and texture to give hair flow and bounce.




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Hairstyles That Survived Through Time And Are Still In Vogue Today

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