5 Important Alcohol Addiction Facts

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5 Important Alcohol Addiction Facts

5 Important Alcohol Addiction Facts : Realizing that alcohol might have more power over you than you thought can be a sobering experience. It’s not uncommon for people to drink, in fact, the majority of adults do.

However, what happens when you start drinking too much? What happens when drinking becomes a compulsion? What happens when you can no longer say no?

Take a look at some of these alcohol addiction facts to get a better idea of how alcoholism affects people in our country.

Important Alcohol Addiction Facts

In America, 83.6 percent of adults 18 years or older drink at some point in their lives. While most drink socially and rarely get intoxicated, there are those who take it too far or start binge drinking, which is one of the leading causes of alcoholism.

  1. Alcohol is the Most Commonly Abused Substance

    Alcohol in the US is legal for anyone over the age of 21. It’s available at grocery stores, gas stations, sporting events, and restaurants. Anyone of age has access to alcohol 24 hours a day.

    Due to its addictive qualities and availability, one in eight American adults become alcoholics. But not only that, it can affect casual drinkers as well. Common symptoms of alcohol consumption are headaches, nausea, bad breath and possibly even alcohol flush, which the asian flush pill can help you with.

  2. The Majority of Alcoholics Never Receive Treatment

    Denial is a strong emotion. To admit to having an alcohol problem would be admitting to having a “weakness” in most peoples’ minds. Many people, therefore, remain in denial about having an addiction or that they are immune from the alcohol addiction facts written in this article.

    Many alcoholics believe they can stop any time they want. However, this belief often leads to alcoholism becoming worse, causing much destruction in someone’s life. People struggling with alcoholism should seek treatment in the form of a Substance Abuse Program sooner rather than later.

  3. Alcoholism Can Be Linked to Underage Drinking

    When we were kids, sneaking beer, liquor, or wine from our parents to drink with our friends seemed like the ultimate “cool” thing to do. However, this can often lead to addiction down the road.

    The problem is, when underage people drink, they often binge drink. Underage drinkers typically consume more drinks than adult drinkers. In fact, 90 percent of alcohol consumed by underage drinkers are done so by binge drinking.

  4. Alcohol is a Common Factor in Domestic Abuse

    It’s often said that alcohol changes people. In fact, alcohol addiction facts say alcohol changes the way your brain reacts, thinks, and feels. Some people become overly affectionate, sad, or happy. However, some people get angry.

    Unfortunately, alcohol also impairs are impulse control and decision making abilities. For those people who get angry while intoxicated, they can also become violent. Two-thirds of domestic violence abuse victims report that their attacker had been drinking.

  5. Alcohol is Responsible for 1 in 10 Deaths

    In people between the ages of 15 and 49, alcohol-related deaths make up 10% of all fatalities.

    The causes of alcohol-related death were from suicide, tuberculosis, and road accidents. Sadly, all these deaths could have been avoided. The long and short term risks of excessive drinking are profound, and often, underestimated.

Seek Help

People suffering from alcoholism can feel vulnerable, afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed. However, none of these feelings should ever prevent them from seeking help.

Alcohol addiction facts can be scary, but hopefully awakening. If any of these facts or statistics worried you, it may be a sign that now is the time to ask for help.

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5 Important Alcohol Addiction Facts