5 Makeup Ingredients That Help You Look Great

5 Makeup Ingredients That Help You Look Great : Are you part of the 44 percent of women who won’t leave the house without makeup? Or, are you more of a casual user? Whatever your preferences are, there’s no arguing that the makeup industry is a massive one.

Women (and some men) wear makeup as a form of expression, camouflage, and confidence.

But, are you sure that what you’re putting on your face is safe? There’s been lots of new research coming to light about the dangers of some ingredients. It’s more important than ever to know what’s in your products.

Before you drop your paycheck at Sephora, you need to read this. These are the most common makeup ingredients in the industry and a couple you must avoid.

  1. Dimethicone

    A great foundation provides the base for your entire look. When your skin looks clear and smooth, it highlights your best features.

    Since perfect skin doesn’t exist, many people choose to wear foundation. And, one of the most common ingredients used in foundations is dimethicone.

    Dimethicone is a group of silicone molecules that affect the texture of a product. It ensures your foundation smoothly glides over your skin instead of clumping.

    It’s also used when products include irritating ingredients such as zinc oxide. Dimethicone is great for reducing inflammation that’s often caused by these harsh ingredients.

    This non-comedogenic makeup ingredient is safe for the skin and FDA-approved.

  2. Tocopherol

    A variation of vitamin E, tocopherol is an amazing ingredient for anti-aging makeup products.

    Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights off free radicals naturally found in the body. These free radicals want to destroy and damage your skin’s cells, which accelerates the signs of aging. It also reduces the damage caused by UV rays, like sunspots and fine lines.

    By using products with tocopherol, you protect your skin from getting those signs prematurely.

    It’s often used in foundations, mascaras, and all different types of skincare. Although it reduces damage from the sun, it isn’t sunscreen. It doesn’t protect you from UV exposure.

    Tocopherol is a safe and effective ingredient used in makeup.

  3. Isopropyls

    Isopropyls consist of alcohol and myristic acid, a natural fatty acid. They’re useful in creating product consistencies that are lubricating.

    When many chemicals are used in a product, isopropyls ensure all the ingredients bind together. This gives the product an even consistency and effectiveness.

    In skincare products, isopropyls promote hydration and lubrication. A face cream that glides easily over the skin likely contains isopropyls.

    You’ll often find isopropyls in all types of makeup from foundation to lipsticks to eye shadows. And, it’s relatively safe in the doses found in makeup products.

  4. Vitamin C

    You may be surprised to learn that some makeup lines use vitamin C in their products. Most notably, mega-brand Charlotte Tilbury has been using it in their makeup for years.

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant, like vitamin E, that protects your cells from free radical damage. This prevents the signs of aging from showing up and reduces cell damage from UV exposure.

    This superstar ingredient helps to brighten the skin and create an even skin tone. Anyone with hyperpigmentation and scarring could benefit from it.

    Vitamin C is found in all sorts of makeup and skincare products, from foundations to body lotions. It’s safe and extremely effective.

  5. Lanolin

    Would you believe that your lipstick contains wool? Well, it contains lanolin which is an oil extracted from sheared sheep’s wool. Weird!

    Lanolin is used for moisturization and hydration. It prevents lipsticks from being dry or chalky. When you want an extra creamy red lip, you want one that contains lanolin.

    There is some controversy over the use of lanolin since it’s a derivative of sheep. Although extracting this oil doesn’t harm the sheep, it does endorse the wool industry. Some say the wool industry is cruel and inhumane.

    In your makeup, lanolin is a safe ingredient to use. But, there are also non-animal-derived options available.

Makeup Ingredients to Avoid

It’s shocking how many brands continue to use ingredients that are known to be harmful. Why do they do this? Often, it comes down to affordability and profit.

Here are some of the makeup ingredients that can be potentially harmful and you may want to avoid.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Yes, the sulfate family is getting a bad rap. But, that’s because, in sodium lauryl sulfate form, it’s dangerous for the skin.

What is SLS? SLS is a foaming detergent that makes your cleansers and soaps bubble. When you remove your makeup at the end of the day, the cleanser you use could contain SLS.

The problem is that SLS doesn’t rinse off the skin as easily as we think. It’s known to stick on the skin even after minutes of rinsing.

The effects? Irritated, dry, dehydrated, and weak skin. It decreases the ceramides in your skin which are responsible for keeping your collagen and youthful glow intact.


This is perhaps the grossest ingredient still used in the makeup industry. Formaldehyde is used in everything from cleaning products to embalming mixtures.

In the makeup and skincare industry, formaldehyde extends the shelf life of products. Brands like using it because it allows their products to last longer and be sold longer. It saves them money but harms the user.

Formaldehyde’s side effects include skin irritation and dryness. And, it’s even a known carcinogen. If you want to protect your skin and your overall health, avoid makeup products that contain it.

Interested in Learning More About Makeup Ingredients?

Knowing what you’re putting in and on your face is imperative to your health. The chemicals many makeup brands use could make you age faster or do even worse damage.

Do your best to learn about the best and worst makeup ingredients out there. Then, buy products that will give you confidence without harming you.

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5 Makeup Ingredients That Help You Look Great

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