5 Proven Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy Proven by Science

5 Proven Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy Proven by Science
5 Proven Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy Proven by Science

5 Proven Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy Proven by Science : The thought that any sound could actually have positive health benefits can arouse suspicion. However, when you think about it a little more it kind of starts making sense.

Soothing music can transform our mood and help us feel relaxed. Similarly, a heavy metal song or a dance beat can get us charged up for lifting that extra rep. Horror movie directors routinely use a subsonic 19 Hz noise to invoke an unsettling feeling before rattling our senses with a loud jump scare sound. Long story short, sound can have a really powerful effect on our emotions and our state of mind.

Different types of sound therapies such as shamanic healing, use sound to treat anxiety, depression, and other health conditions. Shamanic sound healing, in particular, involves using ancient musical instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, string instruments, and gongs to produce vibrations that help in relieving stress and reducing depression.

Apart from shamanic healing techniques, there are also other sound healing methods which include psycho geometric music, guided meditation, Taoist healing sounds, white noise machines, and more.

While there are many claims about what sound healing can or cannot do, there are certain benefits that are proven by scientific studies.

Among the many studies performed is the 2016 University of California observational study to find out the benefits of singing bowl sound meditation. This study conclusively proved that sound therapy can reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, and overall stress levels. It also reported a “lowered blood pressure” and an improved state of relaxation experienced by all 62 participants.

Without further ado, here are 5 proven health benefits of sound therapy backed up by science :

Reduces Anxiety

As observed by the University of California study, all participants reported a reduced level of anxiety. Participants who were new to sound healing were the ones to experience the most anti-anxiety benefits from the session.

Helps Manage Depression

There is a reason why listening to certain music makes us feel happy. According to a study by McGill University in Canada, which had 217 participants, music can increase the production of dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for elevating our mood and is often referred to as one of the happiness hormones. The fact that music can help elevate our mood means it can be used to help people suffering from depression.

Can Help Patients Suffering from PTSD

Music therapy is often prescribed as a self-management technique for PTSD sufferers. A study that happened between 2010 and 2011, tested the effects of music therapy on veterans. Participants were people who displayed PTSD symptoms. These were veterans who fought in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In the study, it was found that music therapy did in fact positively benefit in terms of relieving symptoms of PTSD.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Among the many benefits, it’s found that relaxing music and sound therapy can help lower blood pressure. This was also observed in the study conducted by the University of California. Lowered blood pressure reduces cardiac risks and keeps other health problems at bay.

Promotes Deeper Sleep

There have been several studies that prove sound can help patients achieve a deeper sleep. White noise, in particular, helps mask environmental noise and can greatly improve the quality of sleep in people suffering from sleep disorders. The benefits of sound therapy for sleep deprived patients are so widely accepted that doctors prescribe white noise machines and even hospitals use them.






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5 Proven Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy Proven by Science

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