5 Reasons to Try Pole Dancing

5 Reasons to Try Pole Dancing : Whether you are a newbie, or you’ve been into fitness for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that nowadays we are overwhelmed with choices when it comes to what we can do to stay in shape. Even if you already have your go-to routine and you’re just looking for an extra skill to learn, it becomes practically impossible to pick the best or most interesting one.

Since pole dancing is the latest craze in fitness, and you have so many other options to choose from, you might ask yourself whether this is the right thing for you. Well, here are the top five reasons that are definitely on my “pro” list for this incredible sport, but I can tell you right now that there are many more that you will discover if you give it a go.

Reasons to Try Pole Dancing

It’s the Perfect Full-Body Workout

Even in the simplest of spins, you need to engage your core, legs, glutes, and of course, your arms, so that you can perform a graceful move while holding your entire bodyweight on the pole. Doesn’t sound too hard? Now imagine doing that over and over again, in stilettos, while combining it with splits, upside down and for a full hour.

Unlike many other, more conventional dance styles, learning complex moves on the pole will require you to use your entire body most of the time. Add to that the warmup and the cool down with intense stretching and cardio, and you have a full acrobatic fitness experience that will leave you with that incredible, rewarding feeling of sore muscles for days on end.


It Boosts Your Health

Working so much on your strength, flexibility and endurance, all the while listening to awesome music is the best way to de-load yourself from accumulated everyday stress, and pole dancing will certainly load your body with endorphins.

Pole dancing is truly a meditation in motion, letting you immerse yourself in the moment, and enjoy that incredible rush of finally performing a tough move that you’ve practiced for a while. This in turn helps you sleep better, have a more balanced emotional life, cope better with stress and it rids you of anxieties.

In addition to keeping your weight under control, another perk of pole dancing is improved metabolism, as even when you become an advanced dancer, you will still have new, more challenging moves and choreographies to master, so you will always break a sweat, and put plenty of effort into every routine.

Something you might not notice as easily as, for example a flat, fat-free belly, is greater flexibility and joint mobility. Pole dancing typically involves a series of deep stretches and exercises that will in time give you stronger joints, thus preventing possible injuries and diseases such as osteoporosis or carpal tunnel.

Regular exercise that involves such a wide range of movements for your entire body will also help with any current issues you might be having, most common of which are lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain and other problems that we experience as a consequence of a passive lifestyle.


It is Empowering

While every physical activity admittedly helps you feel better about yourself one way or the other, pole dancing can truly do wonders for your self-esteem and your overall feeling of self-worth.

Many women tend to be shy and insecure at first, but pushing through those initial classes with the support of your dance instructor and your classmates, and letting yourself truly enjoy this new skill you are learning will eventually help you gain a greater understanding of your beauty, sexuality, and sensuality.

So many dance studios tend to emphasize to the newcomers that every woman can do pole dancing, and for a good reason. No matter how fit you are, or how talented you are for dancing in general, every single woman has the freedom to find her own style, her own way of expressing herself through movement and music.

And as you get leaner, stronger and more playful with your dance routines, you will gain new appreciation of who you are, and that confidence doesn’t fade away – it will resonate in everything you do.


It Builds Flexibility

Although most activities involve stretching to some extent, very few of them are as thorough and demanding as pole dancing. As it is considered an acrobatic skill, your classes will from the very beginning provide you with the perfect tools to achieve a gymnast’s flexibility.

This might not be every woman’s dream come true, but being more nimble actually helps your muscles, connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments and your skeletal structure stay strong and healthy.

And as you become more proficient, this flexibility will also become your best friend in allowing you greater artistic expression. Plus, it really looks amazing when you can incorporate the splits into your routine, right?


It’s a Never-ending Challenge

For me, this was the big one, the one that brought it home. All the glory of having a six-pack, a toned body or just having fun couldn’t keep me from wandering away into something different, something more exciting.

But, much like any living, breathing creature, pole dancing evolves and changes, it always leaves room for learning, whether it be a new move, or a whole new routine, or just the way you perform the same choreography with a new perspective, or to a completely different music.

You might be starting out by learning from a dance instructor and struggling with even the simplest moves, but very quickly, you start creating your own expression. And as life unfolds, and you change with it, this amazing, beautiful skill will remain one of those rare safe havens where you can always feel at home, yet always faced with a new challenge every day.


In Conclusion

Now, these are the main reasons why I both gave pole dancing a chance in the first place and also stuck with it for a year now. But every single woman that tries it will share something different with you, so perhaps your key reason for trying it is out there, waiting for you to discover it.

Maybe all of this sounds like exactly what you need to kick start the New Year with, and in case you do decide to give it a go, don’t hold yourself back, get the most out of it, and of course, don’t forget to have tons of fun!




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5 Reasons to Try Pole Dancing

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5 Reasons to Try Pole Dancing