5 Reasons To Use Specialty Formula For Toddlers

5 Reasons To Use Specialty Formula For Toddlers
5 Reasons To Use Specialty Formula For Toddlers

5 Reasons To Use Specialty Formula For Toddlers : When you breastfeed a baby, the composition of the milk changes over time to match exactly what the infant requires at that stage of their development. The variety of formulas that we have today mimic that natural change in nutrient density found in breast milk.

Toddler formulas are similar in many ways to baby formulas. Containing many of the same vitamins and minerals, however, toddler formulas include a much higher level of calcium and phosphorus. This is designed to meet the higher demands of the fast-growing toddler.

Specialty formula for toddlers is a significant boost for their nutrition. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why.


Many parents begin to give their toddlers whole cow’s milk once they are over a year old, which means that they will be missing DHA. This is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that can be found in human breast milk and is very important to a toddler’s growth in the first couple of years of their lives.

Most toddler formulas now try to incorporate DHA to ensure that the infant has this need met and yet gets the increased calcium and phosphorus through the formula that cow’s milk does not afford them.

Altogether Much More Suitable Than Cow’s Milk

We know that DHA is lacking in cow’s milk, but apart from that, is it suitable for toddlers? Cow’s milk is ideal for baby cows. In its natural form, it is not so great for any human, let alone infants. Most toddlers cannot digest cow’s milk properly, and the levels of minerals and protein are not tailored to a toddler. In fact, they can be too high a standard for the kidneys of a toddler to cope with which can make them ill.

The same goes with the levels of iron and vitamin C, which once again are not the right balance for our babies and can cause irritation to their stomach lining. A correctly developed formula for toddlers is a wise choice. It could save you the heartache of a poorly baby.

Vitamins And Minerals

When we eat a healthy diet, we should receive all of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. At least this is the case when we are adults. Toddlers are growing at an unprecedented rate so their requirements for essential vitamins and minerals are accelerated, and any absences can cause developmental delays.

Using a toddler formula means that you have the peace of mind that they are getting everything that they need. Even if they decide they only want to eat jelly that day or chips the next, you know that they are still getting all the required vitamins and minerals, even if it is from the formula and not from fruit and vegetables!


It is so easy to keep a tub of formula on hand so that whenever your toddler needs feeding, there it is. A couple of minutes to prepare and that’s it. This means that if you are out and about or travelling, there’s far less to pack and not so many crushed biscuits in your bags.

Sometimes you might not have suitable food for a toddler at home, not to worry if you have formula in the cupboard. When there are babies and toddlers present, you might find yourself rushing around like a headless chicken and you might be too busy with one to feed the other. Formula means not having to worry so much; it is peace of mind in a tub.


Hardly the most important thing, but giving your little one a sippy cup or bottle of formula makes hardly any mess in comparison to peeling baked beans off the ceiling or scrambled eggs off the dog.

It might not seem much, but as a mum, every little helps! This is especially true if you have more than one baby, toddler or child, or if you are also trying to work from home. The formula is quicker to prepare and much quicker to clean up afterwards.

Happy Toddler, Happy Family

It can be scary when your toddler decides they are not going to eat a thing for days on end, but with formula, you really don’t have to worry so much. Try toddler formula out and see how it works out for your little one. Your rapidly growing bundle of joy will be able to maximise their growth and development with a toddler formula, and you will be able to enjoy your parenting as it saves you stress and worry.



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5 Reasons To Use Specialty Formula For Toddlers

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