5 Reasons Why Psychiatric Nurses Should Remain Healthy And Fit

5 Reasons Why Psychiatric Nurses Should Remain Healthy And Fit
5 Reasons Why Psychiatric Nurses Should Remain Healthy And Fit

5 Reasons Why Psychiatric Nurses Should Remain Healthy And Fit : Imagine going to a hospital and finding it exceptionally quiet with no nurse or other medical staff insight. For one moment, you might think that you have stepped into the wrong place. The usual hustle and bustle, the rattling of carts, and nursing running from one place to another is the common image that we have perceived of a hospital.

However, nurses play a substantial role in keeping the operations of a healthcare system intact. They are the primary caregivers and interact more with patients compared to doctors. From looking after their wounds to seeing them in their last moments, nurses are there till the end.

Nurses have the most demanding job, and they face a vast array of factors that can prove stressful for them. As primary healthcare providers, nurses ensure that patients are well taken care of and resolved all their queries. The Healthcare system demands a lot from its employees regarding their skills and efficiency to ensure patient care. In such situations, healthcare workers need to stay on top of their health and well-being.

We see nurses working in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health clinics. Looking after patients going through emotional turmoil and facing issues like depression, schizophrenia, or severe anxiety can toll a nurse’s health.  However, nurses can only ensure quality care if they are healthy and emotionally well. Following are some of the reasons highlighting why it is essential for nurses to stay healthy.

  1. Better Focus

    The surge in mental health issues has convinced many registered nurses to opt for post master’s certificate psychiatric nurse practitioner online courses. Doing so allows them to study whenever and wherever they want, helps with smooth transitions in mental health clinics, and provides essential care to clients using psychotherapies and other modalities.  Nurses working in mental health clinics have to be more active in decision-making and processing clients’ information.

    A nurse going through physical or emotional stress may not function or give their best on their usual workday. Therefore, a nurse needs to take a break or have a “pause hour” to process what is going on and gather their strength to continue working with better focus. Often psychiatric nurses come across the news of a patient committing suicide. It might come to them as a shock hindering their ability to process their other tasks.

  2. Enhanced Critical Thinking and Decision Making

    While working with mental health patients and listening to the issues, they are going through can lead to countertransference. Countertransference involves a client projecting his emotions and feelings to the one listening to them. If a nurse learns all of the facts, it might influence their sentiments and distort their judgment. A sane mind and body are essential for nurses dealing with sensitive cases of mental health. Psychiatric nurses are usually aware of the sensitivity of the issues their clients are going through. Still, suppose they do not filter out the information and let it take a toll on their emotions. In that case, their reaction time may slow down, which is one of the substantial traits in nursing to take prompt action and quick decision making.

  3. Ensures quality care

    If you are a nurse, imagine waking up feeling unwell and then struggling throughout your day to ensure that you do not make mistakes while dealing with the patients. Nurses shoulder the prime responsibility of looking after the patients and ensuring quality care. It is only possible if nurses are healthy and do not have anything else hindering their judgment. Even a physical ailment can alter the thinking pattern and lead to accidental mistakes, jeopardizing the patient’s health. If a nurse has a jam-packed schedule, it is vital to take breaks while working to recuperate and avoid burnout.

  4. Improves Productivity

    Although nurses are productive throughout their careers, they stay focused on the health and well-being of patients. Nurses working in mental health clinics deal with patients having an array of psychological and emotional issues. Besides being professionally trained, they are humans, and they cannot block their feelings. At times we do not feel, but we undergo some unknown stress that can hinder our productivity and make us feel low. Nurses managing their emotional health are productive, but they are also more attentive to the details.

  5. Effective communication

    Nurses work in shifts, and the information they relay to other teams plays a substantial role in patient’s treatment and drug administration. If a nurse is unwell, they might show up to work, but there are high chances of missing out on any information due to their unwell state. Therefore, nurses need to take a break and look after their health as they also need care and attention that they give to their patients.


A healthy nurse ensures quality care for patients and assists the hospital management with their operations and other tasks. Nurses’ well-being is essential to carry their routine and perform their tasks. Taking small breaks during long shifts or walking for a few minutes within their shifts can help them rejuvenate and focus on their duties with a clear mind. In addition, hospital management can introduce small steps like a “pause hour” or a rest day for nurses to resume their work with full energy.






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5 Reasons Why Psychiatric Nurses Should Remain Healthy And Fit

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