How to Choose the Right Notebooks for Couples

How to Choose the Right Notebooks for Couples
How to Choose the Right Notebooks for Couples

How to Choose the Right Notebooks for Couples : There are different types of notebooks out there to choose from. The choice you make may depend hugely on your style. Other factors to consider include size, weight, cover, blinding style, paper quality among others.

Both you and your partner should agree on the type you want basing on the factors mentioned. Don’t get caught up by the appearance of the book and forget the key factors. As the saying goes “don’t judge the book by its cover”.

A book may be beautiful on the outside but of low quality on the inside and vice versa. That said, here are some of the key factors to consider when shopping for the right notebooks for couples to use or give as a gift.

  • Binding style

    Different notebooks have different binding styles. Some have stitched bindings while others have wire or coil bindings to name a few.

    Stitched bindings are quite traditional and can be a good pick if you’re into a classical look. Nevertheless, stitched bindings are quite stiff and do not lay flat when in use.

    Coil or spiral bindings on the other hand are perfect where space is limited. They are also good if you need privacy since you only get to expose the side you’re writing on.

  • Paper quality

    The quality of the paper also matters a lot. Journals with low-quality papers allow ink to bleed through especially when using highlighters.

    Plus, they tend to damage the tips of your pen. For this reason, you should avoid hardbound notebooks at all costs. It is also worth noting that price doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of the paper.

    Some brands will still bleed and ghost through regardless of them being expensive. Experimenting with different types of papers is the best way to find out which paper suits you.

  • Cover

    Journals come in either soft or hardcovers. Hardcover notebooks tend to provide a solid writing surface and are more durable than their counterparts. For instance, if you prefer journaling in your bed, car, or waterbed, hardcovers may be the ideal pick.

    soft covers on the other hand are relatively cheaper and more flexible. The color of the cover is also something you should consider. Most covers come in multiple colors including red, black, blue, beige among others.

    Choose a color that matches your style. See this link to find some insights on the types of couples you can always find as it can help you come up with the right ideas on what kind of notebooks you could get them

  • Extra pages

    If your notebook has extra pages, you might not have to replace it frequently. You can use the additional pages to write down more information.

    Some of the extra pages include the future log, the pen test, key/symbols, and index. However, this should not limit you from purchasing a good book just because it lucks additional pages.

  • Size

    The size you opt for depends mainly on what you’re planning to write. If you looking to write down an enormous volume of words, then you should consider a larger notebook.

    Most journals are numbered depending on their sizes. The smaller the number the bigger the paper and vice versa.

    Keep in mind that a larger notebook might require bigger storage especially if you plan on moving around with it. Smaller journals on the other hand are compact and easy to carry around.

  • Weight

    Some journals have thick paper while others are thin. Well, most people tend to think that thick paper is the best, this might not always be true. Most thick papers tend to bleed ink when a fountain pen is used.

    Similarly, extremely thin papers are prone to tear and may leave ghost marks on other pages. Most people prefer experimenting with the type of pen they will be used to determine the best texture.

  • Price

    Price is the first thing you look at when shopping for any item. In this case, it is important to consider your budget to avoid impulse buying. Nevertheless, you might spend more on a notebook with extra features like a pen holder, pocket folder, and more.

  • Brand

    The popularity of journaling has seen a rise in multiple brands of notebooks. Most of these brands have different binding styles, colors, sizes, and materials.

    You can opt for small pocket-size notebooks that are easy to carry. Journals made from recycled materials are relatively cheaper and highly recommended.

    If you are looking for something more durable and elegant, go for those with leather covers.


If you love journaling, a good book could make the experience even better. With the multiple options available, we suggest taking time to learn and understand each type. This can help you make informed decisions and eliminate potential clunkers. The choice you make narrows down to your taste and preference. If you love a more traditional look you can opt for a spiral-ringed notebook with a classical appearance. The Size and weight of the journal are also important. The right notebook should be portable and sizable enough to fit all your thoughts.






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How to Choose the Right Notebooks for Couples

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