5 Things To Look For In Your Boxing Gloves for Women

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5 Things To Look For In Your Boxing Gloves for Women
5 Things To Look For In Your Boxing Gloves for Women

5 Things To Look For In Your Boxing Gloves for Women : Whether you’re in the market for your own pair of boxing gloves for training, sparring and bag work, or for boxercise classes and pairing with pads, there are a few considerations to take into account before buying a pair of boxing gloves, especially if it’s your first time.

Like a Glove

There are a number of types of boxing gloves available to suit the different boxing training methods. Sparring gloves are designed to protect your partner, while training gloves are designed to protect your hands. Then there are fitness training gloves which are small and light and great for work with pads or speedballs but will put you at risk of injury if your start laying into a heavy bag in them.


The size of your boxing gloves is important for both comfort and safety. You should be looking at getting a pair of gloves between 8 oz and 18 oz, depending on your size, strength, and goals. To find the right size for you, measure your clenched fist and then add a little extra room for hand wraps, which you should be using to protect your hands and wrists. If your clenched fist (plus wrap room) is over 8.5 inches, you should be looking at 14 oz or 16 oz gloves. Getting the right fit is more important but if in doubt, go for a heavier glove to give yourself more room.


On the note of wraps, it’s important to mention the use of hand wraps while discussing buying boxing gloves. Some people consider hand wraps as a extra expense, or something that only professionals need to use, but hand wraps are a crucial part of boxing equipment that should be used by everyone who trains – especially if you are using a heavy bag. Basically put, hand wraps protect your hands and wrist from both short and long-term damage.

The immediate danger of heavy bag work is something that most people who have done any sort of boxing training has experienced, that feeling of hitting the wrong angle and feeling your wrist give way and bend forward with the force of your strike. If you hit the bag hard enough and this happens you can do some real damage, and while you can improve your grip and forearm strength, you can’t really strengthen your wrists.

Another thing hand wraps guard against is long term damage to the bones in your hands. Hand wraps secure the joints in your hands and help absorb the shock from each punch and drive it up your arm. If you train for years on end without hand wraps, eventually the bones in your hands and wrist will begin to deteriorate, so wrap your hands up and protect yourself. Plus they look cool.

If the Glove Fits

Getting the right glove depends on what workouts you plan on doing. The quality of a boxing glove is not all that dissimilar to a shoe. The better ones, and the ones that are going to last the longest, are made of genuine leather and from a reputable brand. Synthetic gloves may be cheaper but they will flake and fray after a year of use, whereas quality leather gloves will last you close to a decade, depending on how much boxing you do. However if you’re only new to boxing, go for a cheaper pair and see how you go.

Take your time, shop around, ask for assistance, and make sure you get the right glove for you. Consider the type of training you’ll be doing, and invest in quality.






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5 Things To Look For In Your Boxing Gloves for Women

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