5 Things You Should Know About the Juul Device

5 Things You Should Know About the Juul Device : Juul has of late become a phenomenon for good and bad reasons. To some people the term sounds like Greek or something close to rocket science. Interestingly, it’s only those who use the device to vape that know what it is. Juul is actually another name for electronic cigarette.

But unlike the common e-cigarette, this particular model is designed to be sleeker and much smaller. The good thing about juul is that it helps people quit smoking. On the other hand, there has been rampant abuse of the device among school going children. Below are some interesting facts about juul device that are worth knowing.

  1. It’s an Alternative for Cigarette

    Juul is used as an alternative for cigarette. The device was actually invented by scientists with the aim of helping people that are addicted to smoking. The traditional cigarette is regarded to be unhealthy because it exposes the users to smoke that ends up damaging the lungs and makes them vulnerable to other diseases. Besides that, the smoke dehydrates the skin and the lips of the smoker. Juul on the other hand is considered to be much safer health wise. This is because it’s free from the toxic smoke. The device contains nicotine that is in liquid format. When the device is turned on, it heats the liquid to an extent of causing it to release vapor that is then inhaled by the smoker.

  2. Uses Rechargeable Battery

    The juul is designed to be powered by a rechargeable battery. When the battery is down, it’s not possible to vape because the device has to be heated first. The good thing is that most devices come with a USB charging port. This gives you the freedom of recharging the device while on the go. You can even charge it with a power bank or connect it to your laptop via the USB port. When buying the device, you should opt for the one with longest battery life to ensure that you will still vape even when you are far away from home.

  3. It’s Sleek and Small in Size

    It’s very easy to carry a juul. Due to it’s sleek and compact design, it can fit into any pocket. In fact, the device looks like a USB stick that’s used for storing music and videos in digital format. You therefore don’t need a bag or a purse for carrying it. And maybe that’s why teachers have been having a hard time in preventing students from using the device while in school. The FDA has only legalized the use of juul among adults above the age of 18. But young people have still succeeded in cheating the system. In fact, statistics shows that most of the sales are made to students below the age of 18.

  4. Smells Sweet

    Unlike in the past when it was possible to identify smokers by the awful smell in their clothes, those who use juul can vape without attracting unwanted attention. This is because the liquid nicotine is mixed with sweet smelling scents. Even if you walked in on someone who has just vaped in a room, you will only smell the sweet aroma. And since smokers have different preferences in terms of flavor, juul offers up to 8 options. All you have to do is replace your current pod with one that has the smell that you like.

  5. Juul is Concealed with a Skin

    Juul pod is usually inserted into a special skin. The skins come in various patterns to make the device look more appealing to the user. There are those that are printed with cartoon characters while others feature paintings that resemble tattoo drawings. The best place to get them is on the internet. The wrappings are sold together with the device. Juul has actually become a niche market of its own kind.


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5 Things You Should Know About the Juul Device

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