Swaddling your baby for better sleep

Swaddling your baby for better sleep

Swaddling your baby for better sleep : Sound and deep sleep for baby is a must. It is most important factor for proper mental growth of your baby. An infant needs at-least 14-15 hours of sound sleep each 24 hours. Swaddling is considered as the safest way to provide your baby proper environment conducive for better sleep.

Swaddling helps babies sleep better by making them secure and snug. Still why some babies need more comfort even when swaddles are used?

Swaddle is important and knowing the benefits of right swaddling imperative. It is the very first wrap in which you may bring your baby home to share all the excitement and enjoyment. So you must know which swaddle to select for maximum comfort of your baby.

Most new mommies swaddle their babies using hospital style swaddles. But once they start using it, mommies quickly realize the issue and it’s a fact that there are no such “standard things” for your baby. Yes, every baby is unique.


Benefits of swaddling:

  1. Swaddling depicts the womb environment

    Being 9 months in womb, makes baby adaptive to that environment. Swaddle hold baby enclosed and restricts the movement in same ways as in womb, making baby feel calmer and secure to the surroundings.

  1. Helps to keep your baby on their back

    Swaddling helps to avoid baby from over turning and roll over that keeps baby on their back, which can avoid SIDS (sudden Infant Death Syndrome) also know as crib death

  1. Improves sleep time

    Swaddling avoids baby to feel sudden jerks, outside touch and also to sudden change in baby’s position, which helps from accidental awakening and longer sleep.

  1. Keeps baby Warm

    Baby don’t have metabolism as strong as an adult and can’t generate much body heat quickly as needed to keep body warm. Swaddle wraps keep body heat intact and keeps baby warm. It also helps baby from sudden change of temperature.


Points to remember while swaddling?

Swaddling needs correct technique and can be difficult if not performed correctly.

There are many ways to swaddle, according to your swaddle cloths. But, key points to remember while swaddling needs to keep in mind are:

  • Use appropriate swaddle cloth, i.e. nor too thick and nor to thin. Watch that body temperature of baby remains just warm and not to hot or cold.
  • Never pull or stretch baby joints and then wrap. Keep warp just this tight that baby have some area to move its joints.
  • Remember to tuck the bottom of the swaddle wrapped and remember that legs of baby don’t pop out.
  • Don’t be impatient when you are new. First few times baby might cry and feel unsecure and might resist to swaddle. Be patient and keep trying to swaddle calmly, as with time when baby starts feeling secure in swaddle, then you don’t need to have much time swaddling.


How to select the right swaddle for your baby?

Care and help you get in the early days of motherhood is one of the most joyous times in life. Notably, a swaddle blanket is one of the inevitable items you tick while researching the essentials for your baby.

The health and comfort of your baby is your top priority, so you must choose the right swaddle blanket.

So, here are top 4 considerations that will allow you to select an ideal swaddle for your baby:

  1. Make sure it’s easy to use
  2. Find a swaddle blanket with a secure fastener
  3. Consider the age of your baby
  4. Look for a hip healthy swaddle
Swaddle for your baby
swaddle for your baby


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Swaddling your baby for better sleep

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