5 Tips To Stay Motivated Throughout Your Bodybuilding Journey

5 Tips To Stay Motivated Throughout Your Bodybuilding Journey : It’s a well-known fact that achieving your ideal body or even just getting back on track with your health and fitness isn’t something you can finish in a single day. One will need to be consistent, patient, and motivated throughout the journey. Are you about to embark on your bodybuilding journey as well?

Bodybuilding is a time-consuming process that can last for years. While your motivation may be sky-high at first, it’s unlikely to last. After a few weeks, most individuals begin to justify why they don’t have to go to the gym, and their passion starts to dwindle.

Fortunately, combating a lack of motivation can be as simple as following a few simple tips. Continue reading for some helpful hints you can use to help you with your own fitness journey.

  1. Find Your Source Of Inspiration

    In anything you want to accomplish, it’s good to have someone or something to look up to. It could be a gym partner, an influencer, or even this recommended reading, which tells about what Arnold Schwarzenegger, a retired bodybuilder, went through to achieve success in his bodybuilding career.

    There are numerous stories from around the world that are worth hearing because they may motivate you to put more effort into your muscle-building journey. After all, you can never go wrong with getting inspiration as long as you don’t compare yourself to others. Just concentrate on yourself, and you’ll be alright.

  2. Have A Journal To Track Your Progress

    Even if you’ve been consistent at lifting weights in the gym, eating healthy, and following all of the rules, you may still see no change in the mirror, leaving you discouraged and demotivated. This is why logging your fitness journey can help track your progress.Take measurements of your waist, hips, biceps, thighs, and other body parts. You can also take pictures of your progress. After a couple of weeks, measure and photograph such areas again to see if anything has changed. Rather than simply looking in the mirror, keeping a weekly journal of your progress is far more accurate.

    Furthermore, while you’re building your body, you should also keep an eye on your emotions. For example, you may have noticed that you’re grumpier than usual or that your energy levels are decreasing. If you notice such changes, it may be a good idea to modify your dietary habits or training regimen.

  3. Establish Benchmarks For Training

    If you weren’t used to tracking your workouts, this might be the sign to do so. You can start doing it right now to establish performance benchmarks. As an example of a benchmark, you could aim to beat your previous personal best on a particular lift, carry more weight, or even minimize your rest in the middle of each set.

    When trying to stay motivated while lifting weights, it may help to set goals related to reps or a specific weight you want to achieve. With concrete fitness goals, you can keep pushing yourself even when your passion wanes. Bear in mind that progress isn’t always linear; some weeks may see more rapid progress than others. Still, as long as you’re getting results, you’re on the right track.

  4. Commit To Your Timetable

    If you truly want to stay motivated to exercise consistently, you must commit to your calendar. Suppose you want to exercise for an hour four times per week. In this case, you should look at your calendar for that week and see which hour works best for you. Any day would do as long as there aren’t any appointments or obstacles that might stop you from going to the gym. Then, all that’s left to do is commit to it and stick to the scheduled hour.

  5. Refrain From Obsessing Over The Scale’s Number

    One thing most gym-goers do that makes things demotivating is getting on a weighing scale every day. This is analogous to staring at a cupcake baking inside an oven; staring at it doesn’t speed up the baking process.

    When you lift weights, you may gain weight, but this gain is caused by your muscles becoming denser, not by fats. Besides that, despite the muscle gain, you may appear to be leaner! It’s perplexing, isn’t it? Therefore, don’t get too caught up in the scale’s number. The most important thing is you know you’re at a normal weight and feeling healthy. Just have fun with your muscle-building journey!


Life can sometimes get in the way of your goals and plans. Nothing, however, can stop you from going to the gym and getting the body you want if you cultivate a self-loving attitude and use the tips mentioned above. You’ll get there in the end! Best wishes on your bodybuilding journey.






5 Tips To Stay Motivated Throughout Your Bodybuilding Journey

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