5 Ways Essential Nutrients Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Essential Nutrients Can Improve Your Health
5 Ways Essential Nutrients Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Essential Nutrients Can Improve Your Health : If you’re feeling sick and tired, the answer could be a simple increase in essential nutrients. If your body isn’t getting all the essential nutrients it needs you could experience a wide array of unexpected health issues. They’re called “essential nutrients” for a reason!

Essential nutrients can improve your health. Here are five ways they can help:

What Are Essential Nutrients?

An essential nutrient is any nutrient that you need, yet your body cannot make. That means you need to get these nutrients into your body other ways. Food, water, vitamins, and medications are usually the way to go.

There are six categories of essential nutrients. These are protein, carbohydrates, vitamins (A through K), fat, minerals, and water. Without all these, your body won’t function at 100%.

It’s important to balance these nutrients and make sure you’re not getting too much of one. Too many fats, for example, can lead to obesity and heart issues. If you take these in balance, you’ll be well on your way to leading a healthier life.

  1. Boost Your Energy

    If you’re the kind of person who wakes up tired every day, try getting more nutrients. Chugging back coffee after coffee can only do so much.

    Taking in all the essential nutrients you need in a day will give you a noticeable boost in energy. All nutrients offer you a boost of energy, especially fats and carbs. You need to drink plenty of water, too, as it will help carry these nutrients through the blood system.

    Try eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day rather than three meals a day. This will keep the nutrients flowing steadily into your body. If you start feeling tired, try to eat something nutritional for a boost!

  2. Preserve Muscle Mass, Stabilize Blood Sugar

    Carbohydrates are one of the most essential nutrients. Even people on the keto diet realize this, which is why there’s no such thing as a good zero-carb diet.

    The nutrients in carbs help preserve muscle mass and stabilize blood sugar. This makes them very important if you’re working out and trying to get in shape. They also help if you have blood pressure issues like diabetes.

    The body converts carbohydrates into glycogen. Glycogen stores energy and moves into the muscles, letting you work out more efficiently. That means if you’re working out a lot during the week you should be getting a lot of your calories from carbs.

    Carbs are in tons of food, from bread to cereal to milk and yogurt. Don’t avoid this essential nutrient!

  3. Fight Off Disease

    Essential nutrients help stave off diseases and boost your immune system. This includes forms of cancer, dental issues, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. There are other factors that lead to these diseases, but getting proper nutrients will help keep them away.

    If you’re only getting fat nutrients, for example, you’ll be at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure. Eating all the essential nutrients will help you maintain a healthy weight. This is one of the most important factors in a healthy lifestyle.

    If you’re an older person, it’s important to get all your vitamins to increase bone strength. The key is to balance your essential nutrients and make sure not to go overboard on just one type. You need all of these to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and too much sugar or fat or carbs, for example, will only lead to further problems.

  4. Lower Your Cholesterol

    Cholesterol is an essential substance in your body. However, too much of it is not a good thing. High cholesterol can put you at risk of a heart attack!

    Cholesterol is made when the body produces hormones, and also comes from digesting foods. It comes in two types: low-density (bad) and high-density (good). It helps build cell walls, makes bile acid to aid in digestion, and lets the body produce vitamin D, another essential nutrient.

    The key is to get more high-density, soluble cholesterol, and less low-density cholesterol. Eating anything high in fiber, including kidney beans, oatmeal, and apples, will give you the right kind of cholesterol. Try to get around 10 grams of soluble fiber a day and you’ll experience a decrease in your cholesterol.

    You can also use supplements to help reach the number of essential nutrients you need. Supplements from companies like Youngevity help people reach the exact amounts of nutrients they need. Read these Youngevity testimonials to see what supplements can do for you, and why they might be the right fit.

  5. Increase Psychological Well-Being

    Studies show that taking in the right amount of essential nutrients can also help your mental well-being. It can even fight depression!

    Carbohydrates found in fruit, whole grains, and vegetables help fuel brain cells. The glucose they release into your system helps stabilize your mood and keep you positive.

    Omega 3 is an essential nutrient found in fish, leafy vegetables, eggs, and certain meats. It increases brain function, and can even improve depression symptoms. On top of that, it helps slow down dementia!

    B vitamins are also essential for your mental health. They help produce serotonin and dopamine, the brain chemicals that make you feel happy. B6 and B12 are especially good at this, and if you’re not getting enough it could be making you feel depressed!

    If you’re suffering from depression, try altering your diet to include more of the above essential nutrients. It could be the key factor that you’re missing!

Essential Nutrients Can Improve Your Health

The importance of essential nutrients can’t be stressed enough. Essential nutrients can improve your health in ways you’d never expect, from your mental well-being to your immune system function. Whether you’re trying to get healthy mentally or physically, the best way to start is to increase your essential nutrient intake.

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5 Ways Essential Nutrients Can Improve Your Health

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