Why Knowing Your Skin Type is Crucial in Attaining Physical Fitness

Why Knowing Your Skin Type is Crucial in Attaining Physical Fitness : Engaging in physical activities to improve your overall fitness is the key to living a healthy life. However, inspired by the desire to become fit, most people often choose exercises that sometimes end up having detrimental effects.

Among such undesirable effects is skin conditions brought about by exercising in the sun for too long. It is because of such issues that it is crucial that you first understand your skin type before taking on a fitness program.

How Your Skin Type can Help You Decide on a Fitness Program    

There are six types of skin that you must know before deciding on exercises in either of the four basic categories.

You can use the Fitzpatrick skin type system to determine your type of skin and the risks involved. Each of these types of skin reacts differently when exposed to UV rays. For instance, those with type 1 and 2 are at a high risk of sun damage compared to those with type 3 to type 6. They are also more likely to get skin cancer should they remain in the sun for long.

But how can this information on skin type help you decide on physical activity or exercise?

Your type of skin will tell you to choose either exercise or activities performed under the sun or those done indoors.

Those with type 1 and 2 should try to avoid activities such as walking, running, or riding a bike under the scorching sun. Instead, they should focus on exercising indoors.

However, it is should be noted that those with type 1 and 2, and who prefer exercising outdoors rather than indoors, have an alternative. Such persons can use tanning peptide, which they can obtain on lovemelanotan.org. The product will help the skin by allowing it to tan naturally. This will then protect it from the damages caused by the sun, thereby allowing them to exercise outdoors.

Unlike those with type 1 and 2, those with skin types 3 to 6 have increased freedom since they can exercise more under the sun. Why?

Their skin is less likely to suffer the damaging effects of the sun unless they are exposed for too long. But, they should ensure they are on the safe side by using tanning peptides so that they can exercise under the sun for as long as they want.

Therefore, using information about your skin type to select the best exercises, and where to perform them has benefits. It not only ensures you become fit but also help you avoid undesirable side effects on your skin.


Knowing your skin type is crucial if you want to physically fit. It will help you decide on whether to take on indoor or outdoor exercises. But, regardless of your skin type, you should not feel limited. This is because you can use a tanning peptide, which you can order at lovemelanotan.org. The product will protect your skin, thereby allowing you to exercise under the sun without any fear.







Why Knowing Your Skin Type is Crucial in Attaining Physical Fitness

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