5 Popular Child Birth Options

5 Popular Child Birth Options : Complications during childbirth have been one of the major reasons of maternal mortality worldwide. In 2017, approximate of 810 women died due to preventable pregnancy complexities. However, between 2000 and 2017, the deaths per 100,000 live births have significantly reduced by 38% globally, according to a study published by World Health Organization.

Modern medicine has been a great enabler for women to deliver a child safely. This includes various child birth options, which doctors can use, based on the criticalness of the situation.

If you are an expecting mother, know about these birthing options to understand how they can help you.

  1. Vaginal Delivery

    This is one of the safest methods to bring a baby into the world recommended by most doctors unless there is a medical need for a cesarean. The baby is born through the birth canal in delivery rooms, and the process might be assisted with epidurals. Vaginal delivery is highly recommended for all those who plan to have more than one child. The mother recovers quickly, the hospital stays are shorter and chances of infections are less.

  2. Caesarean Section or C Section

    The caesarean method takes place in a well-equipped operation theatre, when a mother cannot undergo a natural delivery due to medical complications. The obstetrician makes a surgical cut on the uterus and abdomen. After this, the baby is taken out from the mother’s body safely. The surgery dates can be preplanned, but in most cases a C-Section is done when the baby is large, the position of the baby is incorrect or in cases of twins and triplets.

  3. Natural Birth

    Natural childbirth does not require any medical intervention and is usually carried on at home or birthing rooms. A midwife performs the entire process and assists the mother throughout the procedure to prevent any health complications. Water birthing is also helpful, particularly because the pressure helps ease labour and delivery pains. There are risks involved with birthing procedures at home, so make sure you are well-prepared for them.

  4. Forceps Delivery

    This is an assisted delivery method carried on along with vaginal delivery. A tong like instrument is inserted into the birth canal which holds the baby’s head and pulls it out. This method is only opted when the mother is too tired to push out the baby or the child needs to be out quicker than usual. Also, if a baby is partially out of the body and no further movements are seen down the canal, forceps are used to facilitate the delivery.

  5. Vacuum Extraction

    A vacuum cup is attached to the head of the baby and a hand help vacuum pump is used to guide the baby through the canal. This method is applied when the baby is stuck midway or needs to be out faster than the normal delivery time. It is carried on during a vaginal delivery.


All birthing methods have their own set of pros and cons. As a would-be-mother, take a tour of the delivery room to ensure it is well equipped to suit your birthing needs and handle emergencies too.






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5 Popular Child Birth Options

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