Tips From a Labor And Delivery Nurse: Effective Insider Tips For Moms-To-Be

Tips From a Labor And Delivery Nurse: Effective Insider Tips For Moms-To-Be
Tips From a Labor And Delivery Nurse: Effective Insider Tips For Moms-To-Be

Tips From a Labor And Delivery Nurse: Effective Insider Tips For Moms-To-Be : Okay, new moms… it’s time for a labor and birth reality check-are you ready!

When it comes to planning for birth, preparing for birth, and managing labor pain, there is a lot that is myth, fact, and just wishful thinking. It’s important for you, both mentally and physically, to know the difference!

Guess What? You Can’t Plan Everything

It’s a tough pill to swallow, we know, but it’s the truth and the ones who will wholeheartedly agree are the very same nurses who will be there with you in the delivery room. They’ve seen it all, and we’re going to be deferring to their expertise several times throughout this article.

Almost all nurses will tell you that while it’s important to have a general idea of how you want your labor and birth to go down, it’s also really important to remain open, flexible, and to listen to your care provider. There isn’t a one of them that doesn’t want to see this thing go off without a hitch-they are there for you-and there’s only so much you can plan that their infinite experience can’t trump.


When you’re pregnant, you take in a considerable measure about what’s in store. Indeed, you could most likely fill our whole Women’s Center with all the pregnancy books that are out there. And sometimes, all that information can be a little overwhelming—especially for your first pregnancy.

  1. Plan Less, Prepare More

    This is where the importance of childbirth classes becomes your guiding light towards a safe, healthy, and infinitely easier labor and birth. No matter what your busy schedule is, it’s really important to carve out time to either physically go to a childbirth class, or to research how you can take childbirth classes online, at your own pace. I highly recommend picking up a class that goes over all the possibilities of situations that may arise and place an emphasis on labor pain management.

  2. Communication with Your Doctor is KEY

    Both before, and during, your labor and birth, do not feel hesitant to ask questions. Before birth, discuss any “planning” that you might be doing with your doctor to ensure that all of your birth plans are realistic and can actually even be executed-it’s better to know in advance! Also, discuss what your expectations are for labor pain and how you want to handle it.

  3. Taking care of you bundle of Joy

    Anything you can do to ensure a healthier pregnancy will help ease your mind when it comes time to welcome that little life into the world. Take care of yourself: make sure you continue to eat healthy, exercise,get all your vitamins and minerals and the best pregnancy body pillow for adequate sleep.

  4. Prepare and Practice

    Like any major physical undertaking, you don’t want to go into labor unprepared. After all, you wouldn’t run a marathon without stretching—or ever running (yikes). Whether you’re planning a medicated or unmedicated delivery, there are different methods of managing pain that you’ll want to look into (birthing ball, hydrotherapy, ambulation). And of course, the tried and true Lamaze method is great to practice beforehand with your partner. (Don’t miss the “with your partner” bit. You’re in this together!)

  5. Get To Know Your Doctor And Nurses.

    Along with you and your partner, your doctors and nurses will be a big part of your journey to motherhood—and you’ll feel a lot better going into labor and delivery if you are close and comfortable with them. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up to them; let them earn your trust, and it will go a long way towards putting your mind at ease and helping you feel confident when the big day arrives.

    Labor is just the beginning. Don’t rush it.

    When women first go into labor—especially first-time mothers—their instincts often tell them to go flying to the hospital right away. And while you should definitely get in touch with your physician immediately, you’re probably safe to stay home for at least a little while. The early stage of labor can last a long time, particularly for first pregnancies, and it can be exhausting. In this stage, you’re better off just staying home where you can labor in your most comfortable possible environment.

    Your physician will give you specific guidance, but generally you don’t need to leave for the hospital until your contractions are five minutes apart and one minute in duration, for at least an hour. If your contractions are still 20 minutes apart, stay home unless your physician advises you otherwise.

  6. The most important (and wonderful) hour

    The first hour after your baby arrives is often referred to as “The Golden Hour.” This time is very special, and extremely important. This first hour should really just be you, your baby and your partner in the room.

    – First, you need the peace and quiet after all you just went through.
    – Second, it’s a special time for you and your partner to share with your new baby.
    – Third, it’s an important bonding time between parent and child that establishes a crucial connection.

    If your new baby has older siblings, let them be the first to join you after The Golden Hour. It will make them feel special too, and help lessen any feelings of rivalry for your attention. After your nuclear family has had their quality time, then other family members can join you to celebrate. This may be a difficult conversation to have with your extended family at first, but hopefully they will understand and respect your wishes for this special time.



Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

It’s a fact: having a baby is a big deal. And if you’ve never done it before, it can be extremely intimidating. Please, please, whatever you do: don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask your friends. Ask your family. And definitely ask us—that’s what we’re here for.




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Tips From a Labor And Delivery Nurse: Effective Insider Tips For Moms-To-Be

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