How Vaping Affects Muscle Growth

How Vaping Affects Muscle Growth : Ever since its introduction, vaping has been adopted as a healthier alternative to smoking by people from all corners of the world. Smoking is harmful to various organs of the body such as lungs and the heart. Lung and cardiac health are very crucial for anyone that endeavors to build their muscles since working out requires lots of energy.

Despite being healthier than smoking, vaping too has its own set of effects on a person’s health. These effects affect muscle growth in different ways; both positively and negatively.

Appetite Suppressant

Building muscle requires effective shedding of body fat. Working out and observing a healthy diet is a great way of achieving this. Nicotine has for a long time been used as an efficient appetite suppressant. Vaping juices typically contain a fair amount of nicotine. One can therefore shed extra fat through vaping when the appetite suppressant properties of nicotine takes effect.

There are other proven ways through which vaping aids in fat loss. One is by increasing the thermogenesis and metabolic rate of the vaper. This in turn boosts the body’s expenditure of calories which as a result assists in muscle building. Another way through which vaping aids in fat loss is by reducing insulin secretion. To compensate for the reduced insulin secretion, the body increases its consumption of fat to produce energy during workout.

Although vaping may be beneficial for cutting down on the body fat and toning the body, it also has its own drawbacks to muscle building. Some of the ways through which vaping negatively affects muscle building include:

Increased Blood Pressure

Working out is pivotal to building muscles. Muscle building workout routines such as weight lifting and splits are energy intensive and require a person to be in their best health. The nicotine that is inhaled during vaping has over the years been observed to increase blood pressure. An increased heartrate isn’t exactly ideal for working out. This can therefore be an impediment to muscle building as the person may not be able to complete the workout routine as required for effective muscle building.

Impeded Apoptosis

As part of the growth and development of an organism, cells are naturally programmed to die in a process known as apoptosis. This is usually observed largely when cells undergo significant transformation as well. During muscle growth, several cells die while new ones are produced to replace them. The nicotine consumed through vaping interferes to a considerable degree with the biological process of apoptosis. This impedes the growth and development of new cells which negatively affects muscle growth.

Despite its downsides on working out, vaping is still a far better alternative to smoking especially for a person that is keen on building their muscles. Unlike smoking that exposes smokers to harmful chemicals such as butane, the harmful chemicals in an e cigarette are kept to a minimum. Smoking also makes the lungs feel rather heavy. Working out in such a condition is quite challenging. With vaping however, these are issues you need not worry about.



Skylar Rothman is the marketing manager for, an online vape juice retailer.  She quit smoking two years ago with the help of vape products.  She credits her ability to run four miles a day to the increased lung capacity that vaping affords her.



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How Vaping Affects Muscle Growth

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